‘Amazing’ Declaration About Pluto Is Going To Be Made By NASA

A planetary scientist and Principal Investigator on NASA’s Brand new Horizons Pluto mission Dr Alan Stern has made the exciting announcement while speaking at the University of Alberta in Canada. While speaking about the latest images of Pluto captured by the Brand new Horizons probe. Stern said in a blog that, NASA will not let me tell you what we are going to tell you on Thursday.


It was discovered Charon has a huge canyon running 2500-km across its surface, while Pluto is home to an odd landscape of rolling and grooved mountains spanning 500-km. Mr Stern said that, only 10% of the data from the New Horizons spacecraft has been downloaded, we can only expect to learn more about the dwarf planet and its moon.

Mr Stern said NASA would be releasing new data and images this Friday according to Australian timing that will change everything we know about the solar system. He said. While not giving anything away, space fanciers are expecting huge news because of the approach NASA is taking for the announcement.

Nevertheless, a number of unknowns remain. Pluto has exactly vast mountainous dune fields, a multicolored surface, and a number of other inscrutable characteristics that exactly haven’t been explicated by science.

NASA has actually had a year of big discoveries. From the discovery of flowing water on Mars, to the identification of ‘Earth 2.0’ Kepler 452b, the most Earth-like planet every discovered the leading space agency has actually been holding momentous announcements fairly regularly over the last few months.

There is no word yet on what the announcement could be, along with NASA taking the same line of silence as they did at their last big event the announcement of the discovery of water on Mars.

As Stern said, “2015 will be a year in textbooks forever,” as the year in which mankind discovered so much about its solar system.