TWINDEXX V0ario Double-Deck Coaches

Bombardier offers Israel Railways 60 TWINDEXX V0ario Double-Deck Coaches

The Bombardier Transportation declared that it will feed more 60BOMBARDIER TWINDEXX Vario double-deck coaches to Israel Railways (ISR). This call-off order is part of a schema alliance signed in October 2010 and is cost at roughly 106 million euro ($120 million US)

TWINDEXX V0ario Double-Deck Coaches

Yossi Daskal, Chief Country Representative and Head of Sales Israel, Bombardier Transportation, commented, “We are proud to continue strengthening our local footprint. Bombardier’s story in Israel continues to be a success due to high performance and the excellent relationship Bombardier has built with ISR over the last decades. We are delighted to be part of ISR’s rail network electrification and modernization by providing high quality, sustainable solutions.”  He adds.

As the Israeli public transportation market advanced .The need for supplemental capacity and more frequent service is rising. In reaction, the government of Israel has programmed over 7 billion euro investment to upgrade its railway networks, expanding opportunities for a variety of mobility solutions. These additional double-deck trains, hauled by the new TRAXXAC electric locomotives ordered in 2015, will factor great strides in helping alleviate congestion in the nation. To further diminish the stock of private cars, Israel is also marking on light rail vehicle and monorail systems for several lines.

Shipment for this call-off order will take place between March 2017 to July 2018.