Citymapper has launched an experimental “pop-up” bus

The London Transport app Citymapper has recently launched its own pop-up trial bus service to improve mobility in cities, working along with Transport for London on a trial for just two days in the capital. The minibus-style vehicles will even have displays with real-time information, as well as USB charging ports for travellers under every seat and its technology will collect information for drivers and passengers and to analyse how people travel. You can also review other bus services at

The bright green 30-seater buses are free to ride, and are fitted with USB charging points and large displays advising commuters on where and when to get off. Citymapper’s demand data will analyse the real-time transport across the city and keep the driver informed about passenger numbers and traffic using a built-in tablet.

citymapper smartbus


The company said that it is ‘reinventing the entire software stack for running and operating a bus’ and that ‘smarter buses lead to better mobility and cities’.

The way the route will operate is also comparatively unique. An algorithm will simply decide a route’s frequency in real-time and viability; they’ll combine it along with other transit routes, when it makes sense to do so. This is real, scalable innovation of this venture: company’s buses will be at once standalone and heavily integrated into the existing infrastructure of the city.

Citymapper has stated on its website that ‘reinventing the bus is crucial for the future of our congested cities’. It’s too early to tell if these green machines are part of the city’s transport future, but if they reduce the number of ‘this bus terminates here’ announcements, they might just win Londoners over.

‘In the era of smart mobile we can have responsive buses that react to real-time needs’, Citymapper said.