GTR suspension

Great Modifications To Improve Your Car’s Handling

When you bought your car, it probably handled like an absolute beauty. Now, after countless potholes and other abuses, it may not be quite what it used to be. It’s fairly common for a car to get harder to handle with age, but of course that doesn’t make it any less annoying! If you’re getting sick of poor handling in your car, then here are a few adjustments you could make.

GTR suspension

First of all, consider getting some high-performance suspension put in. The centre of gravity in a car is one of the biggest things which affects how it handles corners. This is why race cars have their engines installed low and near the middle of the car. The easiest way to centre the gravity in your car is by lowering it. A set of lowering springs should set you right. These go exactly where your original springs were, and lower the up-sprung mass of your car, improving the centre of gravity. Even if the car’s body is lowered by just three centimetres, you’ll notice a fantastic difference in the handling. If your car already has active suspension, then these springs will work wonderfully with the dampers. Check out for a great buying guide.

Next, upgrade the tyres you’re using. These are one of the most important parts of a car, but also the most commonly neglected. Your tyres are what gives your vehicle traction on the road, which is important for just about anything! Without tyres, you wouldn’t be able to brake and accelerate properly, or take a corner with any kind of speed. Keeping them performing well is actually free and easy to deal with. Just check the pressure regularly and top them up accordingly. However, a better standard of tyre can’t hurt. This is especially important if you live in an area that gets slippery roads in winter. For a great selection of high-quality tyres, go to

The next thing to look at is the wheels of your car. If you’ve been using the same worn-out wheels for several years, then you might start to notice that steering feels too stiff, or too sensitive. Being more visible, most car lovers don’t neglect their wheels nearly as much as their tyres. However, when a lot of people buy a new set, they simply go with what they already have. The next time you’re due for new wheels, consider getting performance rims. This will decrease the up-sprung mass of the car, taking stress off of the suspension and making for a much smoother ride. Acceleration will be more sensitive, as will your brakes. Your fuel economy will also improve slightly. A new set of high-quality wheels is pricey, true. However, they’re something of a miracle cure for poor handling! Visit for some gorgeous sets.

After you make these changes, your car will drive like it’s never driven before! It will take some toying with the weight and modifications of your car to get it perfect. However, these three additions will get you off to a fantastic start.