Save at the Pump

There are many things that affect how much gasoline a car or truck uses. Some states may have a higher amount of ethanol in their gasoline. Water can leak into underground gas tanks and cause it to be used more quickly than other quality gasoline. It’s worth it to check into the different gasoline stations around to discover which has better gasoline. Not all companies carry the same quality of gasoline. Some place additives in their gasoline while others have fillers. Fillers will decrease the quality of gasoline. Just because gasoline is cheaper doesn’t mean it’s really saving any money. The amount of miles a car or truck can travel can increase or decrease drastically with the right or wrong gasoline, respectively.


It’s important to keep up on car and truck parts, such as GMC performance parts. Replacing spark plugs is essential to maintaining good gasoline mileage. A car or truck can suffer as much as 15 miles per gallon if a car or truck’s spark plugs aren’t replaced. In addition, anything else that puts more wear and tear on an engine will cause issues with gasoline mileage. Even something as minor as improperly inflated tires can cause gasoline mileage to decrease.

Despite the current speed limits on the freeways, it’s worth it to go at a slower pace. In the past, freeways posted slower speed limits in an effort to help preserve gas as there was a shortage. Something as simple as going 10 miles per hour slower can increase gasoline mileage by 10 miles. Instead of traveling at 75 miles per hour, go 65 miles per hour and increase gasoline mileage from 20 miles per gallon to 30 miles per gallon. Depending upon the size of a car or truck’s gasoline tank, this can save about half a tank of gasoline or more. It’s not essential to travel at extreme speeds and it’s safer to go slower as well.

It can appear like people are saving money when they hold off on repairs, maintenance or using more expensive gasoline; however, the money spent in the long-run is much greater because it costs in gasoline mileage. Also, keeping up on regular maintenance helps to extend the life of a car and truck substantially. Hard work pays off. In the matter of having a car or truck, it’s well worth it to keep up on regular maintenance.