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NASA Tweaked Maddest Stunt On Mars From The One Who Led The Team

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With regards to over the top tricks, Evel Knievel has nothing on the Mars Curiosity meanderer. On August 6, 2012, this mechanical thrill seeker plunged into the Martian environment at 13,200 miles for every hour, sent a supersonic parachute, dumped its warmth shield and back-shell, started up its retrorockets, and continued to let the wanderer […]

Newest Ocean Exploring Satellite By NASA

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SpaceX is dispatching the planet’s most current oceanographic satellite tomorrow morning. Here’s the scoop on Jason-3, and how “ocean level” is one of those harmless untruths you learned in school. SpaceX is propelling Jason-3 on a Falcon 9 rocket this Sunday morning. The satellite will give oceanographic information to everything from tide conjecture to keep […]

Tropical Cyclone Ula’s Eye & Rainfall By NASA

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Tropical Cyclone Ula

The Global Precipitation Measurement or GPM center observatory satellite went above Tropical Cyclone Ula when it was shaping in the South Pacific Ocean north of Samoa on December 29, 2015 at 1321 UTC. A precipitation investigation was performed utilizing information gathered around then by GPM’s Microwave Imager (GMI) and Dual Frequency Precipitation Radar (DPR) instruments. […]

NASA Says Highly Expected Mars Lander Will Be Delayed Or Cancelled

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Mars Lander Will Be Delayed Or Cancelled

One of 2016’s most expected space missions will must be put off over two years—and may even be drop—because of a defective seismometer. The InSight lander was to have dispatched in March and examined the inside structure and geographical procedures on Mars, including Martian tectonic movement. The seismometer itself worked fine, NASA authorities said, however […]

‘Amazing’ Declaration About Pluto Is Going To Be Made By NASA

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A planetary scientist and Principal Investigator on NASA’s Brand new Horizons Pluto mission Dr Alan Stern has made the exciting announcement while speaking at the University of Alberta in Canada. While speaking about the latest images of Pluto captured by the Brand new Horizons probe. Stern said in a blog that, NASA will not let […]

Astronauts Can Farm On Mars By NASA

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Space farming, though a fictionalized scenario in the movie, is actually happening already, according to Bruce Bugbee. The director of the plants, soils and climate department at Utah State University has been working alongside NASA for the last decade to grow plants in space. Bugbee recently saw his project come to fruition on the International […]

Eyes Deployment Of Hopping Hedgehogs On Asteroids & Comets By NASA

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NASA has created two prototype versions of a new robot, dubbed the Hedgehog, capable of hopping and channelizing in the low gravitational pulls of of small celestial bodies. This gives the Hedgehog a competitive reward over conventional spacecraft designs, which are most likely to meet difficulties when trying to land on the surface of comets or asteroids. Currently two versions […]

New Horizon Spacecraft Has A New Destination Of NASA

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Scientists always have planned for the spacecraft to visit to another Kuiper belt object (KBO) one of the thousand or so pieces of rock and ice that orbit the sun in a cloud beyond Neptune. NASA still has to officially sanction this secondary mission, but all indications are that it will. If everything goes to plan, […]

Top Scientist Says Of Discovering If Life Exists Beyond Earth

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One of the moons of Jupiter has a global ocean beneath its crust that could contain more than twice as much water as Earth. There are at least half a dozen of these ocean worlds in our solar system alone and where there is a water, there may be answers about the potential for life […]

Image Of Pluto’s Horizon Captured By Nasa – Seems Strange Atmosphere

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Nasa today also released an image of exotic ice across the dwarf planet’s surface, revealing signs of recent geologic activity something scientists hoped to find but did not expect. The hazes detected in this image are a key element in creating the complex hydrocarbon compounds that give Pluto’s surface its reddish hue,’ said Michael Summers, a […]