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Card Games To Pass The Time

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Card Games To Pass The Time

Playing cards is a great way to make the time go quickly.  People who live in northern climates have fond childhood memories of playing cards with their siblings on snow days.  In Florida, people play cards while waiting for the electricity to come back on after a lightning storm.  Besides, who can forget the fun […]

TypeShift – A Minimalist Word Puzzler Game For IOS

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Zach Gage, the game designer released a Spelltower in 2011, which has got a major success. After exploring other genres with Saga Solitaire, Really Bad Chess, and others, the Zach Gage’s next title goes back to those word games roots with TypeShift, a new minimalist word puzzler game coming to IOS devices in this month. […]

Trippy Trends Developers Say Will Define The Next Era Of Gaming

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Every year, gamers converge on the Develop conference in Brighton, an opportunity for people from the world of gaming to get together and to discuss the trends for their industry. For the last decade or so, the conference has been focused on either PC, mobile or console. But come 2016, things started to change. All […]

Sony PlayStation VR Will Cost £349 In The UK

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Star Wars

Sony has finally been given an official release date and pricing for PlayStation VR headset. Sony already announced that there would be fifty VR games available when the PlayStation VR launches, including a special Star Wars: Battlefront X-Wing Mission, Resident Evil 7, and a Batman: Arkham mystery experience. The level of support on display from […]

Five Games You Should Buy For Your Xbox One

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video games

If you’ve just picked up a new Xbox One, and you’re wondering what games to buy, you’ve come to the right place! The amount of choice available to you is considerable, and it all depends on what type of game you like to play. However, some games are more popular than others, and the following […]


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MSI, A leading manufacturer of Motherboard in the world, Recently announced the availability of world’s most extreme Gaming Motherboard, The X99A GODLIKE GAMING CARBON. It comes with numerous features, There are High-end components when it comes to the power design. The new MSI X99A Godlike Gaming Motherboard features an M.2 slot. This motherboard can be […]

Make Your Minecraft Server A Hit!

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As I’m sure you’re aware, there are too many Minecraft servers out there to count. If you’ve been running your own public server, you’ll have some idea of the fierce competition out there. Perhaps your server isn’t quite as popular as you’d like? Fortunately, there are a few good traits you can implement to attract […]

Rambo Game For Android & iOS

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It is very amazing to think that those who beautify themselves in such a great manner tend to have little awareness of Rambo’s status as a piece of American propaganda. Rambo might have become a bit of a cult hero, but there was nothing subtle about the message behind the movies. With a 5th movie rumored to […]

Have You Ever Tried Playing Solitaire with Actual Cards? Why ‘Real Life’ Games and Puzzles are Still Worth Playing

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Jigsaw Puzzles

Now, there is an Android or iPhone app for just about every conceivable kind of puzzle or any of the simple games that people used to play with cards, dice or paper. Long before that was the case, and before smartphones or tablets were even conceived of, we used to play these kinds of games […]

The Most Popular iPhone Teaser Games

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iPhone Teaser Games

If you have an iPhone, you are bound to download a few games to play while you are lounging around the house relaxing or while you are on the bus waiting to get to your destination. And many of the most beloved iPhone games are teaser puzzles that test your ability to think fast. But […]