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Is Your Health Business Using The Right Software?

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Health Business Using The Right Software

The health industry is booming, and seems to be teetering on the brink of becoming an even bigger entity. This is due to, in part, the rising issue of people wanting to take care of their health in the best way they can, easily, without fuss, and people now understand how important taking care of […]

No More Need for Photoshop

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No need for photoshop editing

If you work as a an effects designer or photographer’s assistant, you know that Photoshop is an almost invaluable part of the job- it’s certainly integral to the work that you do on a daily basis. Everybody wants the perfect picture- they want to see themselves in their ideal format, even if that means erasing […]

Technology Trends Set To Change The Health Care Industry

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Health Care Industry

The health care industry is consistently changing, but with the speed of today’s technological advances, it’s an industry that has the potential to reinvent itself every couple of years. This speed makes the industry hard to keep up with from a strategic planning point of view, but for patients, it means better and more effective […]

USS Invisalign: Boldly go where no Braces has gone before

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I’ve always been a Trekkie. We didn’t have cable when I was a kid (that was soooo long ago, in a galaxy far away) and all we got were re-runs of Star Trek (Nemoy, Shatner era) Mission Impossible and MASH. Of course, as a kid I gravitated towards sci-fi. I mean, who doesn’t love Spock? […]

Medical Equipment Makes a Difference

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Medical Equipment

Providing care and treatment to patients is important. Doctors and nurses provide a vital service to patients that wouldn’t otherwise happen. Hospitals, laboratories and other health facilities provide services that change the quality of people’s lives and can help to save their lives. Doctors and nurses often discover health issues that may not otherwise be […]

Brace Yourself! How A Wrist Brace Can Help With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

If you’ve been suffering from the effects of mild to moderate carpal tunnel syndrome, chances are you’ve gone to your local herbalist for some healing tea, to a physical therapist for some hand and wrist exercises and maybe even to Chinatown insearch for an acupuncturist who’ll stick a bunch of needles in your back. Yes, […]

Medtronic Announces First Human Implant of World’s Smallest Cardiac Pacemaker

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Micra Transcatheter Pacing System

Continuing its leadership in advanced pacing technology and device miniaturization, Medtronic, Inc., today announced the first-in-human implant of the world’s smallest pacemaker: the Micra Transcatheter Pacing System (TPS). The device was implanted in a patient in Linz, Austria as part of the Medtronic global pivotal clinical trial. The Micra TPS is an investigational device worldwide. […]

Hitachi And MIG Introduce Mobile Wi-Fi Biometric Scanners In Turkish Hospitals

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Mobile Wi-Fi finger vein scanners

Hitachi Europe Ltd., a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. and MIG Int., today announced a roll-out of mobile Wi-Fi scanners that offer convenient mobile identification for the patient at the point of care. The ‘BIOMIG’ device, based on Hitachi’s finger vein authentication technology, has been introduced at several individual private hospitals, hospital groups and dialysis centres […]

Breg Introduces Knee Brace To Help Runners With Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

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Breg FreeRunner Knee Brace

Breg, Inc., a premier provider of sports medicine products and services, has launched the FreeRunner knee brace with new innovations to help people, particularly runners, who suffer from patella mal-tracking return to active lifestyles.  FreeRunner’s patent-pending design acts on knee anatomy differently than other braces, providing support when patients need it most, and the ability […]

Siemens Showcases New Clinical Diagnostics Solutions At IFCC WorldLab 2014

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ADVIA Centaur XPT Immunoassay System

Siemens Healthcare today unveils its latest in vitro diagnostics innovations during the IFCC WorldLab 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey, June 22-26. Visitors to the Siemens exhibit – themed “Test smarter. Run faster.” – can explore Siemens’ portfolio of solutions, including new central laboratory clinical analyzers designed to help customers meet growing workload demands, a next-generation drug […]