Electric Jukebox now finally has some good news to share: the eponymous streaming device with its wand-like controller and 1 year premium music subscription will officially go on sale for £169. So you can play tunes on your TV. After that, it is £52 a year, and the company says Argos and Selfridges will be trying to shift the units. The remote control has voice search, dongle goes into your TV’s HDMI port.

electric jukebox

Electric Jukebox Features:

The Electric Jukebox has two parts to it: A plug-in Wi-Fi dongle that connects to the HDMI port on your TV, and a wand-like remote just used to control the sys. Once logged in, there are no apps to download, no credit card details to enter, no complex UI, and no monthly subscription package agreement to wade through. You just turn it on, wave the wand, and music plays.

Also, you can’t access Electric Jukebox on any devices except your telly, while the Spotify et al work on a huge bunch of devices. So for now, the jury’s out on the whether this is truly a competitor to the trad streaming services, or merely for the people who want something totally different.

Electric Jukebox Price:

The Electric Jukebox will be released in the UK on November 9, where it will cost £169, slightly less than the £180 initially stated. This includes wireless controller, streaming module, and twelve months of access to the on-demand music service. After the first year, a single payment of £52 will keep the music streaming service running for another year. If you do not pay, only playlists and curated content will still be accessible, and you will get to enjoy a selection of ads.

Available through the company’s own website, the Electric Jukebox will be sold through Argos, Amazon, and Selfridges in the UK. When Electric Jukebox was launched in 2015, a US. release was promised before the end of 2016, and a unit price of $230 and annual subscription of $60 was mentioned. However, the US release has been pushed to 2017.