ElliQ, An Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Driven Robotic Companion

ElliQ was built by Israeli startup Intuition Robotics and is designed to help elderly people remain active, engaged with the outside world and in contact with friends and family. The ElliQ bot functions like Google Home or Alexa. While a small tablet next to it provides a visual interface for things like video calls.

ElliQ Design

The company describes ElliQ as an ‘active aging companion,’ and it looks like a combination of an Android tablet, a digital assistant like Siri or Alexa, and software designed to help the elderly connect with family and friends. What makes ElliQ unique is the robot component: an attached bobble head-esque animatronic that provides a physical, and moving manifestation of the digital assistant.



What’s particularly fascinating about ElliQ is the way the robot’s head and torso are designed to move with almost human-like mobility, using subtle nods and gestures to give it a more friendly demeanour.

ElliQ Features

Like the Echo, the ElliQ can play music or podcasts. You can control it with the voice without having to read or touch anything. Beyond the Echo, the ElliQ will tell you if you’ve received a message and help you interact with social media.

The Engager tool allows ElliQ to suggest music, share the news, find and play videos, or read audiobooks. While the Companion element uses speech, lighting, sound, images and movement to convey emotion and support.

A function called Lookout encompasses a series of built-in monitoring to allow a caregiver the ability to check-in with the device through social media.

ElliQ Price

It all looks and sounds great, but whether the finished product will live up to the concept remains to be seen. Unfortunately, ElliQ has no pricing information or release date at this time. But there’s a signup form on the Intuition Robotics website to join a waiting list. Whether or not it comes to market, we are excited to see innovation in the commercial robot space.