Sobro Smart Side Table

With wireless charger and Bluetooth speaker, Sobro smart side table helps you live better

Why accept a standard side table when you could get a smart one? StoreBound, the product innovation business enterprise, is providing simply that with its modern-day product, the Sobro smart side table. Now seeking funding of investment thru an Indiegogo marketing campaign, this smart table capabilities bells and whistles you never even knew you wanted (and possibly don’t), like a thermoelectric cooling drawer, Bluetooth audio system, LED lights, a wireless charging pad, and smart sleep capabilities. StoreBound takes Indiegogo marketing campaign instead of upcoming technology conferences to launch their product.

Sobro Smart Side Table Design

The Sobro is an advanced and multi-functional night stand that measures 24 x 19 x 19.75 inches. As shown in the images, the side table delivers a smooth and elegant appearance design, and it’s compact enough to fit inside a 350 sq. ft. studio apartment.

Sobro Smart Side Table

Sobro Smart Side Table Features

Similar with Sobro coffee table, the smart side table features an innovative cooler drawer. Using built-in quiet thermoelectric cooling, the drawer keeps your drinks cold. A wireless charger has been built in the top of the nightstand, which can charge two Qi-enabled smartphones at a time, and multiple USB ports also charges other mobile devices, while an AC outlet allows it to power more devices. Using integrated cable management, the side table keeps the cables organized and deliver a neat and clean surface.

Furthermore, the smart side table also features built-in Bluetooth stereo speakers that stream your favorite music from your smartphone or tablet. Its built-in RBG LED lights serve as a mood lamp that allows you to sync the lights to your mood or music. Built-in WiFi connectivity keeps it staying in your local network, so you can not only control the color and brightness of the lights, but also keep the table updated as tech progress. Moreover, its front-facing LED nightlight bar features built-in motion sensor, which guides you safely in the dark.

Sobro Smart Side Table Price

The team behind Sobro is raising fund for the product on Indiegogo. We can pledge $349 to preorder the smart side table. It will be shipped in October 2018.