TypeShift – A Minimalist Word Puzzler Game For IOS

Zach Gage, the game designer released a Spelltower in 2011, which has got a major success. After exploring other genres with Saga Solitaire, Really Bad Chess, and others, the Zach Gage’s next title goes back to those word games roots with TypeShift, a new minimalist word puzzler game coming to IOS devices in this month.


Zach Gage describes it as “the modern anagram puzzle.” Like the most addictive puzzle games, it is seemingly simple, challenging you to create a number of five-letter words out of a jumble of letters. It is similar as a literary version of a combination lock, and it is very hard to put down.

The core of the puzzle game is creating words and each puzzle presents you with a grid of letters, which is divided into five columns. To solve the puzzle, or you can say make the words, you cycle through the letters in each column and moving them up and down just like if you were inputting a combination of a padlock that feels perfectly intuitive on a touchscreen of your smartphone. When you reach the goal and you do make a word, each letter will turn green, and the goal of each stage is to change the color of every letter in the grid.

TypeShift puzzle

This simple and attractive structure make the TypeShift feel much looser and more playful game compared to other word games such as Gage’s own Spelltower from 2011. It is a great fir for the mobile phone not only because of the touch controls, but because it is easy to drop a puzzle and pick it up whenever. Sometimes that break is what you need to see what you have been missing, and the newly arrived TypeShift is the rare game, which works in both short bursts and prolonged sessions.

Well, the TypeShift puzzle game is free to download, new puzzle packs are available in bundles, ranging from 20 to 60 puzzles. Additionally, to being able to purchasing more challenging levels – some with more letters and words in the puzzle and other fewer options – there are also crossword-like “clue puzzles,” which provides vague hints at the words you can find. The game also includes free daily puzzles that start out relatively easy on Monday, but get progressively more challenging and difficult throughout the week.