Capture ultra clear 4K video from the skies with Mark Drone Foldable AI Aerial Camera Drone

The use of a fisheye digital camera and a GPU-based mapping module the Mark 4K foldable drone can provide an ultra smart flight experience. Able to stoning up to 13MP pics and actual 4K video, this drone also comes with an image stabilizer to make sure clarity. Weighing approximately as tons as your iPhone, the ultra-portable drone effortlessly fits on your pocket or bag. It also provides highest quality portability and power with 20 mins of flight time. The drone is whole with a foldable design, permitting it to fit inside the palm of your hand. The use of VIO technology, the Mark Drone can distinguish the surroundings so it is aware of its precise area. Likewise, the VIO positioning lets in the drone to fly from exterior to interior or vice versa with no trouble. Primarily based on Qualcomm Snapdragon platform, everybody can fly the Mark Drone with none compass calibration.

Mark Drone Foldable AI Aerial Camera Drone Design

The Mark is an advanced and easy-to-control 4K camera drone that measures 148 x 148 x 48mm. When folded, it’s 148 x 73 x 48mm, so you can easily put it in your bag and take it anywhere you go.


Mark Drone Foldable AI Aerial Camera Drone Features

The Mark is the world’s first flying drone positioned by visual inertial odometry, which helps it locate itself based on position relative to its surroundings rather than satellite for true autonomous flying, and you don’t need any compass calibration. All you need to do is just take it out from the box for flight, and the VIO technology ensures it seamlessly flies from indoors to outdoors.

Furthermore, it’s able to track subjects automatically, and built-in memory cruise feature allows to map the exact return path for Mark by either hand or via its custom app. Moreover, the foldable drone comes equipped with a 13MP camera with 1/3.06″ CMOS sensor and electronic image stabilization in order to record stable, smooth 4K aerial videos and photos. Its pre-programmed dramatic shots allow it to shoot professional cinematic scenes including circular recording, helix flight, dynamic selfie, profile recording and 360 panorama. In addition, its removable rechargeable battery offers up to 20 minute flight time between charges.

Mark Drone Foldable AI Aerial Camera Drone Price

The team behind the Mark is raising fund for the product via Kickstarter. We can pledge $238 to preorder the 4K foldable drone. It will be shipped in August this year.