Eclipse Knife come up with a carry option that can be slipped into a jean pocket

Whilst you look at buying a knife, you could move a pair of extraordinary routes. You may grasp a heavy-obligation knife on your pocket, or you could bring a smaller utility knife for ordinary duties. A few smaller knives, but, are so small they’re difficult to grip. The Eclipse from Fulcrum knives, on the other hand, morphs to provide you extra grip.

The standout characteristic of the Eclipse is its unique hinge system — two linkages join the blade and manage, allowing the blade to swing out from the manage and enlarge the grip. A gentle push from the rear of the blade will open the knife. It even works one-passed. And it features a button lock, much like the usual frame lock.


Eclipse Coin Shaped Folding Pocket Knife Design

With a easy button release and locking mechanism, the 0.7-inch (1.8-cm) blade may be deployed with one hand and secured in place. The transferring components pivot on phosphor bronze washers said to offer extra sturdiness, whilst the grip is made from a strong mixture of fiberglass and epoxy.

The knife measures 2.9 in (7.3 cm) long when deployed, and may be folded again into the frame through every other press of the button with the blade going through downwards faraway from the user’s palms. Whilst closed, the device appears similar to a pizza cutter and has a diameter of 1.8 in (4.5 cm), that is just 7 mm more than a US dollar coin.

Eclipse Coin Shaped Folding Pocket Knife Price

Fulcrum Knives has taken to Kickstarter to raise US$20,000 for production of the Eclipse, with a whopping US$70,000 raised at the time of writing. Early pledges of $39.99 will have one shipped your way in October if everything goes to plan, with titanium bead and paracord attachments thrown in for good measure. That comes with one Eclipse in either silver or black for $39.99. After funding stops, retail will go for $59.99.