Fiio M7 High Resolution Music Player supports the aptX-HD and LDAC Bluetooth streaming codecs

Portable audio products maker FiiO has launched the M7 hi-Res Lossless music player. The M7 is the successor to the organization’s M3. The M7 music player is available in a completely aluminum frame and an all-glass the front. This music player is to be had in three colors — Black, Silver and Red. The M7 is priced at $199.99.

Fiio M7 High Resolution Music Player Design

The M7 is otherwise a fairly well-known if nonetheless elegant-looking track player for 2018. It has a small 3.2-inch touchscreen at the front, a stark aluminum body, bodily buttons for skipping tracks and pausing the song, or even a bodily dial for controlling volume.

Fiio M7 High Resolution Music Player Features

Fiio says the player supports numerous formats of lossless audio. And at the same time as you’ll want to apply wired headphones to take complete benefit of that, the M7 additionally supports aptX-HD and Sony’s LDAC for higher-resolution Bluetooth streaming on supported headphones

The M7 also helps FM radio. however apart from that, it sounds like you’re going to be caught taking note of your very own neighborhood song. There doesn’t appear like aid for Spotify or different streaming offerings on right here on the grounds that there’s no wired-free. (Plus, it’s going for walks a “deeply customized Android” skin that appears probable to tug down the entire revel in.) now not having streaming isn’t a hassle in case you’re making plans to concentrate generally to high-res files, but it’s a major inconvenience in any other case. You’ll additionally want a microSD card to use the M7 because it best has 2GB of built-in storage.

The M7 not only supports the aptX-HD audio codec, but also supports Sony’s LDAC wireless audio codec which was recently made available to all Android smartphones via 8.0 Oreo. You can learn more about Bluetooth streaming codecs here. The audio player supports FM Radio but the lack of Wi-Fi means no support for streaming services like Apple Music and Google Play Music.

Fiio M7 High Resolution Music Player Price

Fiio says the M7 is now available worldwide and will sell in the US for $199.99. The company has a wider line of portable audio players that get much more expensive and are meant for delivering even higher sound quality. The M7 is one of the midrange offerings with the looks of a higher-end player but specs that make it more affordable.