Insta360 is calling its new One X camera a GoPro Hero7 killer due to its advanced omnidirectional motion stabilization

Insta360, the 360-degree camera company, is back again with a follow-up to the Insta360 One, known as the Insta360 One X. The new version has a unique design and an expansion of features that further discover how the 360-degree camera can act like a drone, or re-create consequences previously best feasible with multiple cameras and a Hollywood-scale range.

Insta360 ONE X 360 Action Camera Specification

Let’s talk specification first. The twin cameras have an f/2.0 aperture and might shoot five,760 x 2,880 video pictures at 30 frames consistent with second (FPS), or 3,840 x 1,920 at 50 and 30fps, or even 3,008 x 1,504 at 100fps. Insta360 calls these resolutions 5.7K, 4K, and 3K, respectively. Stills are 18 megapixels and 6,080 x 3,040.

Using the dedicated editing app, video can be reframed and re-edited to highlight the best elements of a scene and create cinematic clips that would be much more difficult to achieve with conventional cameras. In addition the new TimeShift feature lets users adjust the speed of different parts of a clip to put the focus on key moments, using either slow-motion or hyperlapse effects.

Insta360 says the ability to automatically remove a selfie stick from the footage in the app in combination with the company’s customized 10-foot selfie stick allows for the capture of drone-like footage without a drone. Thanks to its rugged construction the camera can even be thrown around when snapped into the Insta360 Drifter camera dart, allowing for very unusual effects.

The ONE X connects to mobile devices via WiFi, providing real-time image preview and control. The same connection can be used to transfer footage for editing but you also have the option to use a USB cable.

ISO, exposure compensation, white balance, and shutter speed are user adjustable. Optional accessories include a rugged case, an underwater case, and a GPS Smart Remote.

Insta360 ONE X 360 Action Camera Price

You can purchase the Insta360 One X for $400 from the company’s website or selected retailers. For more information and details about the new Action camera, simply jump to Amazon.