Mint, the ultra portable air purifier is designed to fit in some small spaces

The ‘mint’ air cleanser is an impossibly compact piece of technology that targets to permit air cleansing abilties from everywhere to permit users relaxation confident they are not unnecessarily within the presence of bad air.

Presenting a pill-shaped design, the air purifier may be saved in any bag or baggage and will instantly go to work while turned directly to suppress 99.99 percent of mold and fungus sports activities as well as ninety nine.five% of micro organism and viruses. The unit also makes use of poor ion generation to freshen the air to make it a must-have for any avid traveler or customer seeking to purify their luggage, small areas, closets and more.

The ‘mint’ air purifier additionally works with an accompanying phone app to allow customers analyze the exceptional of the air in an environment.

Mint Ultra Portable Air Purifier Design

The Mint is a properly-designed and clean-to-deliver air purifier that measures 134mm long with the aid of 54mm diameter. As we can see from the snap shots, the Mint shows off a sleek, minimum appearance design, and the compact pill-like company factor lets you without difficulty placed it to your bag for portability. meanwhile, the aluminum alloy casing no longer handiest allows for durability, but also promises a top rate sense.

Mint Ultra Portable Air Purifier Features

The portable air purifier features a hybrid purification system that combines negative ion and active oxygen in order to suppress 99.99% of fungus and mold spores, 99.5% of viruses and bacteria. Using the compact design, the Mint is perfect to clean the air in those small spaces such as your shoes, drawers, bags, luggage and more. Built-in Bluetooth technology allows it to wirelessly connect with your smartphone so that you can use its app to remotely control the air purifier and monitor the purifying process. In addition, it comes equipped with 1800mAh rechargeable battery.

Mint Ultra Portable Air Purifier Price

The team behind Mint is raising fund for the product on Kickstarter. We can pledge $95 to preorder the portable air purifier. It will be shipped in May 2019.