The New Vobot Smart Alarm Clock Bring Voice Control Experience

Trying to build upon the holiday popularity of the Amazon Echo and other Amazon Alexa enabled devices is Vobot Inc., a startup that specialize in AI and acoustics. At this year’s CES, Vobot is debuting the today’s in its smart-home lineup — the Vobot Clock, branded because the first Amazon Alexa-enabled timepiece to hit the marketplace. Thanks to the ever-expanding Amazon Developer Portal (that’s including a developing variety of Alexa skills in your arsenal), merchandise like the Vobot clock are becoming ever more ubiquitous, making your life simpler than ever before.

Vobot Smart Alarm Clock Design

This is a versatile and advanced smart alarm clock that measures 4.1x4x3.4 inches and weighs 9.5 oz.. Shown in the photos, the alarm clock sports a low-profile and sleek look layout together with a metallic trim, and the compact shape element and integrated battery let you easily install it everywhere in your own home.


Vobot Smart Alarm Clock Features

The smart alarm clock uses WiFi to join in your own home community, and it features integrated Amazon Alexa that lets in you to apply your voice to set alarm, ask it to examine information, audiobooks, weather info and greater, take a look at site visitors circumstance, and even call a taxi or order a pizza and more.

Moreover, the smart alarm clock additionally lets in you to remotely control other Alexa enabled smart home devices like Nest Thermostat E, the mini smart plug, the smart strength strip and greater. As an alarm clock, it also functions snooze program and customizable wake-up tune.

Furthermore, it additionally works as a portable wireless speaker with a 5W driving force, and a further 3.5mm audio port is designed to connect to your current speaker, so you can turn it in to smart speaker that supports voice manage and streams tune from Amazon track, iHeartRadio, TuneIn and more. Its integrated rechargeable battery gives 4 hours of audio playback on a single charge.

Vobot Smart Alarm Clock Price

The smart alarm clock with Amazon Alexa and LED display is priced at $48.9 USD. If you are really interested, then visit Amazon for its more information.