The newest Kano Computer Kit Touch is a do-it-yourself touchscreen computer

Learn-to-code startup Kano, whose products goal to turn children into digital makers, has taken the wraps off the modern incarnation of its construct-it-yourself PC kit.

With the brand new flagship Kano is doubling down on contact interactions — urging youngsters to “make your personal tablet”. The pc kit contact packs a 10.1″ HD touchscreen, together with Kano’s now familiar bright orange wired-free keyboard which comes with a built in trackpad.

Kano Computer Kit Touch Features

As with every Kano product, half the amusing is constructing the PC. The package comes with a custom Pi board, updated display motive drive board, battery, energy cable, speaker and more. Apart from the boards, the whole lot is included with brightly coloured plastic. It regularly feels like a LEGO set, particularly as you glance through the coaching booklet that comes within the box. Once the whole lot is installation, you could use the machine to play coding challenges and release fundamental apps consisting of Google Chromium, YouTube, Google drive, Wikipedia and LibreOffice. There is additionally a small app save wherein you may download equipment consisting of Wolfram, Audacity and Filezilla.

Along its Raspberry Pi-primarily based computer systems, Kano sells a movement sensor package and a build-it-your self ‘Pixel’ light board. They will, finally, be joined with the aid of a camera and speaker package that have been crowdfunded on Kickstarter back in September 2016. (Kano hopes to deliver the speaker kit in the second place of 2019.) The company is also getting ready to launch an official Harry Potter wand, known as the Kano Coding kit, so that it will train you how to application spells stimulated via the films and bestselling books. In case you own any of those standalone product, you should be able to control them thru the Kano coding app at the PC kit touch.

Kano Computer Kit Touch Price

The kit, which Kano says is generally (but not exclusively) aimed at the 6-13 age range, is on sale from today, priced at $279.99 — via its website (Kano.me), as well as from selected retailers and e-tailers.