V-Moda Remix, the company’s first ever Bluetooth speaker

The Bluetooth speaker market is quite saturated, so it is difficult to create a product that sticks out from the gang. However, V-Moda, which until has been acknowledged for its headphones, is giving it a shot with its new Remix Bluetooth speaker, which it bills because the “first 3D-printed absolutely faceted custom product with hi-fi sound nice.” However what in reality sets the Remix apart is its built-in headphone amp.


Despite V-Moda’s penchant for flashy, current design, the Remix’s fashion is exceptionally diffused on its very own. The speaker is carved right into a small black rectangle, covered in a material harking back to the long lasting black vinyl located on conventional guitar amps. The speaker’s front and rear have easy hexagonal steel grilles to protect the drivers below. A silver logo at the grille’s bottom proper side and a few white labels on the controls are the best functions now not layered in black.



The speaker’s bottom capabilities a USB kind-C port for speedy charging, in addition to a pair of 3.5 mm ports for each incoming and outgoing audio, categorised “In” and “Vamp,” short for V-Moda amplifier (extra on that beneath). On pinnacle are rubberized buttons for electricity, volume, and pairing, and a multifunction button for play/pause, music pass, and Siri/Google Voice functionality, depending on the range of presses.

The Remix additionally consists of a built-in microphone, permitting it to be used for calls or with a connected Amazon Echo Dot for voice commands. V-Moda claims which you’ll get up to 10 hours of music off the 3400mAh battery earlier than you’ll need to recharge the usage of the Remix’s USB-C port.

Some other cool characteristic aboard the coolest ship Remix is that two paired Bluetooth gadgets (including your smartphone and your pc) can be related to the speaker without delay, which does away with the ache of constant reconnection or cable converting for those who need to swap from side to side.


The Remix additionally doubles as a headphone amplifier, that is in part why V-Moda is pricing it higher than most Bluetooth speakers in the marketplace. it’s available now for $ 299, if you’re interested by something a bit out of the regular.