With 3-axis motion capability Capsule360 motion control box helps you enhance your photography

Meet the latest member of the MIOPS own family, the Capsule360. Deemed the ‘most flexible motion box ever created’ by its creators, the Capsule360 is a pocket-sized movement tool presently being funded on Kickstarter that works with any digital camera or cellphone.

What sets Capsule360 apart from the rest of MIOPS’ lineup is that it can be be as simple or robust as your filming desires call for.

Capsule360 Motion Control Box Design

The Capsule360 is a versatile and versatile motion control box that measures 105mm diameter with the aid of 73mm excessive abs weighs 250g. As we will see from the pictures, the motion controller shows off a graceful and compact rounded form thing so you can without difficulty positioned it in your bag for smooth wearing. meanwhile, it works with all kinds of video gadgets inclusive of DSLR and mirrorless cameras, smartphones, and action cameras.


Capsule360 Motion Control Box Features

The Capsule360 motion manage box makes use of Bluetooth 4.0 tech to wirelessly hook up with phone, and using the abilities of your phone, it can song an item with a touch on your cellphone. The Capsule360 can also apprehend your face and observe you the same way. Similarly to standard time-lapse modes, the motion manage box additionally features a couple of advanced time-lapse modes consisting of Bulb Ramping, c programming language Ramping, long exposure and HDR modes, so you can use it to seize more first rate time-lapse photos and motion pictures.

Moreover, using a L-shaped arm, the motion box also supports three-axis motion for more creative shoots, and its 360-degree photography feature helps you capture perfect product pictures, while star tracking feature ensures you get ideal nightscape and star photos. In addition, optional motorized slider and dolly allow you to more flexibly enjoy the motion box.

Capsule360 Motion Control Box Price

The team behind Capsule360 is raiding fund for the product via Kickstarter. We can pledge $179 to preorder the motion control box. It will be shipped in December 2018.