Business planning to open an e-commerce online presence

There are a lot of web developers on the Internet who are top-notch experts in their field. However, there are developers who don’t have the foggiest idea of what works best and what doesn’t work at all. That said, the difference lies on which cost-effective tools they use to run your business.


If you are a business planning to open an e-commerce online presence, you’ll soon learn how important it is to have e-commerce professionals on your winning team. Making your bottom line grow should be their primary focus, and to do this requires they have the following features for optimal performance on your behalf.

Customized Web Design

If you own an e-commerce business, you’ll want your customers to get in and out as soon as possible–after they’ve browsed through your other products and/or services. Being able to easily and quickly navigate through an e-commerce web site is the signature of a good web developer/web designer and a successful online business too!

Storefront Payment Processing

Having an effortless shopping experience for customers is one secret of having a winning e-commerce site. Debit/credit card payments, personal checks, gift cards and global processing capabilities will soon have your site capturing sales from safety-minded return customers who trust your way of doing business.

Marketing Expertise

Knowing how to effectively sell your products and/or services online is more easily done with various built-in marketing tools such as email marketing, an autoresponder system to capture your sales and the latest search engine optimization (SEO) technological strategies.

Data Management

In today’s Internet environment, your e-commerce business is only as good as the features you have to manage, edit, import and export customer’s information through one easy-to-use interface. Providing their clients with a rock-solid and safe shopping cart experience for their e-commerce business is the mark of an exemplary online business.

Excellent Customer Service

Your customers will know they can rely on your interactive and real-time live customer service for fast, dependable solutions. They won’t hesitate to come back to where they can receive fast, engaging help from your representatives.

With a simple “click here,” full service one-stop centers, such as Solid Cactus, are available 24/7 joining you in a rewarding and profitable eCommerce partnership. Taking your enterprise to the next level, you can take pride in taking off the limits to what you can do with the right professionals at your side.