Your Laptop

Ensuring Your Technology Can Keep Up With You.

With life as fast moving as it is in the modern day, we all need our technology to keep up with us. A mobile phone crashing while on an important business call, a laptop that can’t handle having more than a handful of programmes open, servers that go down first thing Monday morning; all veritable nightmares. Here are three key tech components and how to keep them running smoothly.

Your Laptop

Your Laptop

Recent statistics estimate that the average person spends just under 9 hours a day on various media devices. A vast proportion of this includes laptops. Memory and processor size should be a priority when it comes to selecting a new version or upgrading. Fancy colours and designs might look good, but it really is what’s on the inside that counts in this case. If you often need several different programmes running simultaneously, it’s a good idea is to invest in the large memory option and higher processor from the start. On some newer model of laptops,often the lighter and more compact models, memory cannot be increased, meaning external hard-drives and cloud-based storage will be needed. Improving your processor can be very expensive, but there are a handful of simpler options to keep your model running smoothly. Don’t let items in your trash build up and consider the fact that things like long file names and having files in different places can use up memory unnecessarily. Keep your laptop organised and your laptop’s performance shall reap the rewards.

Your Server

Poorly functioning servers are the stuff of tech teams nightmares, and servers crashing can stop businesses functioning for hours on end. In-house teams are already busy enough, and calling out specialists to fix problems is less than ideal. Servers should be kept up-to-date, and no test should be skipped. Ensure that someone is keeping a log on results consistently, so if things go wrong you’ve got something to refer back too. Hardware reliability and durability are top priorities, something you can find out more about from Pinnacle Data,as is an uninterrupted power supply. Servers that lose power don’t only take hours to re-boot, data can also be corrupted and thus lost.

Your Internet connection

We all know that things like the time of day and distance from the router can affect Internet connection and speed, but there are some less obvious perpetrators too. It may sound like an old wives tale that household and office objects like boilers and radios can affect Internet connection, but it’s actually true. Viruses and malware can also corrupt essential components, so software protection is a necessity. Performing an Internet speed connection test is a good placed to start if you’re having problems.