Get superior precision in all of your games with the Lexip All-in-One Gaming Mouse

A brand new Kickstarter project by the name of Lexip is bringing joysticks back to the PC, however now not in the way you would possibly think.

Bear in mind the glory days of laptop gaming with a joystick? Flight simulators simply haven’t been the same since. Those joysticks aren’t pretty like the vintage Thrustmaster, but Lexip has added two small joysticks — one on each facet of the mouse. They may be managed with your thumb and center finger, including an additional size to your computer gaming. It’s a piece like a mixture among a conventional gaming mouse and the mechanical joysticks you would possibly locate on an Xbox controller.

Lexip All-in-One Gaming Mouse

Lexip All-in-One Gaming Mouse Design & Features

Lexip is the world’s first gaming mouse designed to be an all-in-one solution in your gaming desires across all forms of video games. It is a high-overall performance gaming mouse that is intuitive, specific, and speedy in all of your preferred games.

Pushing all of the boundaries of innovation, this mouse is the primary of its kind. maximum notably, the Lexip Mouse capabilities specific joysticks incorporated into the frame. the first is inner and you can manipulate it by without a doubt tilting the mouse shell. It actions up, down, left, and right with precision within 20 degrees. similarly, there’s a joystick is positioned at your thumb. This one is more traditional in shape and completes the three-dimensional experience of your video games. This -axis joystick gives precision inside 30 levels. Of course, the Lexip Mouse is, of course, also a top class mouse. The powerful ADNS-9800 sensor gives 8200 dpi. Plus, the mouse itself is quite ergonomic to combat fatigue to your hand.

Lexip All-in-One Gaming Mouse Price

Lexip has a Kickstarter for the mouse. You may get the Lexip Gaming Mouse through Kickstarter for $109.99 USD. Retail advertising and marketing for the Lexip Gaming Mouse starts in July of 2018 at $149.99 USD. But if you still want more efficient then this, then the SteelSeries Rival 600 is the only one that’s just right, shown at chicago tech conference.