car dealer chat software

Make the Most of Car Dealer Chat Software

A live chat window integrated into your website can be a powerful tool for generating leads and booking test drives at your dealership. It means you have a live customer service representative available 24/7 who can answer a customer’s questions and push product information and images. These online liaisons are trained to help, make recommendations, but also obtain contact information that turns these queries into leads. They can find your customers’ pain points, information about their budget, whether or not they intend to buy or lease, and how responsive they are to specific incentives. Some companies also include phone and SMS integration in order to catch overflow and off-hours calls to your business.

While round-the-clock online customer service can become a powerhouse lead generator for your business, there is still no substitute for your own salespeople. That’s why one company, Gubagoo, has developed its RESQ app to make live chat visible and open to your star closers. Live chat services offer immediate response and catch overflow while your salespeople are busy with customers on the lot. When salespeople can’t be involved, the online liaisons focus on booking test drives. However, when your sales team does have time, they should be making the most of the digital tools available to them. These are some of the ways that apps such as the Gubagoo car dealer chat software can bring your closers closer to the digital action:

  1. Notifications

Real time notifications keep your team in the loop and enable them to engage online customers themselves when they aren’t already busy. Online liaisons can already convert up tot 75% of users into leads, but they can only make inventory recommendations and promote existing offers. When a salesperson gets involved, they can discuss price and take the interaction that much closer to the sale.

  1. Send private messages to chat liaisons

The RESQ app allows your team to keep an eye on online activity, but if they don’t have time to jump in themselves, they can still watch over conversations as they happen. If they see an opportunity to make a recommendation or get contact information, they can always send a private message to a liaison.

  1. Jump into chats and calls yourself

The app offered by Gubagoo allows your sales team to connect with customers online or through SMS right away. If they see an opportunity to take a conversation further than a call centre operator may be able to, operators are trained to introduce salespeople into conversations if they want in. They’ll ease your star players into the conversation and help connect your dealership to the customer.

  1. Full performance reporting

Finally, don’t deal with a service that doesn’t provide full enterprise reporting integrated into your CRM system. As a dealership owner, you’ll be able to see how well your team is using an app-integrated chat service to convert more leads. Marketing and promotions are increasingly moving into the online world, and no business can thrive without adapting. Get your team online and talking to leads today.