The Surface Ergonomic Keyboard Is Available To Pre-order Now For $129

If you’re a serious typist of one sort or another, the regular Surface keyboard is not going to cut it. Thusly enters Surface Ergonomic Keyboard, an offering to go alongside the latest products Microsoft announced. The keyboard is compatible with the Surface Studio, Surface Book, and Surface Pro 4.

The company has quietly unveiled various Surface accessories, headlined by a Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard. The wireless input device is effectively a cross between the earlier Designer Bluetooth Desktop and an ergonomic keyboard — you get a more comfortable typing feel with quiet, low-profile keys. There is a double-cushioned Alcantara palm rest (the same material you saw in the Signature Type Cover) that promises to be gentler on your hands even as it spruces up your desk environment. A pair of AAA batteries power it for a full year.


Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

According to Microsoft, the new Surface Ergonomic Keyboard offers ‘advanced comfort’, including a split-keys design and palm rest. The results in each hand being positioned at a natural angle, and helping avoid strain on the outer portion of the wrist as well as related ligaments. Overall, the keyboard also features a two-tone melange Alcantara grey color.

Additionally, the new Surface Ergonomic Keyboard has the number pad built into the device instead of a separate accessory like with the Sculpt edition and it has Bluetooth 4.0/4.1 LE for the connectivity. Unfortunately, it’s not backlit. The unit measures 18.11×9.02×1.36-inches and weighs 2.23 lbs. You can currently pre-order this keyboard for $129.99 USD.

Here is what’s new with the Surface version:

  •  New keys and typing mechanism
  •  Aluminum instead of plastic material
  •  Alcantara for the cushion/base
  •  Filled in Split area
  •  No optional riser for the base
  •  Updated media keys (F1-F12, etc.)
  •  Included number pad instead of the separate