Auto Glass Shop

How to Choose an Auto Glass Shop

Maybe you’ve just moved to a new town or you’ve never had to replace your windshield before, but whatever the reason, you’re suddenly in need of an auto glass shop. It isn’t unusual to get a cracked or chipped windshield several times during your ownership of a car. Taking the time to find a great shop the first time you need your windshield replaced can save you effort and hassle if you need it replaced again in the future, since you can just take it to the same place.

In order to discover that perfect place, you need to find a shop close to you that offers fantastic service and ideal fixes. Here’s a few steps to take when looking for a new service.

Google Is a Great First Step

With so many online options and reviews available with the click of a button, it can be tempting to avoid looking online at all. However, Google or other search engines are a great place to start. Take a look at all your options by typing in “auto glass Livingston Parish LA” or whichever town applies to you. Then narrow down your options by taking into account location and reviews.

Online Reviews Can Help

Online reviews aren’t always the most trustworthy things in the world, but they can still offer good insights to the quality of a shop. For example, a really good shop will have a large amount of reviews with an average high-end rating of stars. While there may be some fake reviews in the mix, chances are most of them are authentic. If a shop has few reviews and a poor star rating, skip it.

Asking Friends Is Ideal

Friends, family, coworkers — pretty much anyone whose opinion you trust is great to ask for recommendations. Oftentimes, auto glass shops get business via word-of-mouth over anything else. Another bonus to this method is that you can ask that person as much as you want about their recommendation, such as price ranges, customer service and quality of products.

Getting a Quote Helps Gauge Price

All shops might offer similar services, but they may not offer the same price. Going around to a few shops to get a quote for the work you need done can help you eliminate certain places immediately. Why pay more at one shop when another has the same service for far less? You can save money and get great quality work in a single package.