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Important Things To Add to Your Travel Checklist

If you love traveling, chances are you’re biding your time until you can safely see the world again. While you wait, this is an excellent time to research future destinations and map out dream itineraries. One important item for every traveler is a personalized checklist for packing. When formulating your list, here are four things to add so that you never forget them.

Phone Charger

Forgetting a phone charger is not only inconvenient but can be dangerous if there’s an emergency and your phone dies. Buying chargers in airports and foreign countries can be expensive and if you’re in an isolated area, it can be a real problem. Plus, you rely on your phone for flight updates and boarding passes. Next time you travel, put your Mcdodo cellphone charger first on your list.

A Warm Sweatshirt

If you’re traveling to a tropical country, chances are you’ll completely forego packing a sweatshirt. This is almost always a mistake. Airports and airplanes are often freezing and even warm countries have chilly evenings. A sweatshirt can also double as a blanket, or a neck rest on your flight, so save yourself from an uncomfortable journey and add that sweatshirt to your checklist.

Assorted Paperwork

Most everyone remembers their passport and other forms of ID, but it’s also imperative to bring paper itineraries, notes, train tickets and maps. As you begin planning your vacation, start a folder where you can store paperwork even if you have electronic copies. A lot of people still prefer to take handheld maps, guides and physical boarding passes. Remember to add this to your checklist so when you pack, you can just pop it into your carry-on.

Spare Contact Lenses

One sure way to ruin a fun vacation is by losing a contact lens and not having a spare. Popping a contact lens due to swimming could completely destroy your trip. Imagine being in a foreign country and having to go through the expense and frustration of finding an eye doctor and then waiting days for a replacement lens. It’s a true nightmare situation that doesn’t have to happen, so mark contact lenses on your list.

Your Most Important Things

Making a checklist before traveling gives you ample time to figure out what you can’t be without. Among these things are chargers, contact lenses and important paperwork. Forgetting these items would be stressful and a waste of time that could be better spent enjoying yourself, so make that list now!