Nissan 370Z NISMO

Is This The Coolest Super Car You Can Afford?

Supercars, by definition, are supposed to be out of the reach of the typical car buyer. If you head out into LA one night, you might see a few of them pull up outside clubs, dropping off guests. You might, on occasion, catch a glimpse of a supercar speeding past you on the motorway. They’re like rare Pokemon. You know people have them, but you do get excited when you see them out in the wild. Supercars are notorious for being ridiculously expensive. The Bugatti Veyron, for instance, hit the market at just over half a million. To afford one, you would have had to sell your home. It does make shows like Top Gear seem rather pointless. It’s the equivalent of holding food in front of starving children. They are showing us cars that we will never be able to afford.

Nissan 370Z NISMO

That brings us neatly to the new Nissan 370z. We think it might be the first affordable supercar that is worth your money. Let’s face it, most cars that claim to be super and are under fifty thousand have major faults. You’d be lucky if you could take one around the tracks at top speed without crashing. Now, with the Nissan 370z arriving on the market, we might finally have one that is worth the money.

A Past & Future Hybrid

From a distance, you might mistake the new 370z for a Porsche 911. It’s got the same type of curvaceous design. It hugs the road, in the same way, gripping it tightly as it sends the driver hurtling around the bends. It’s sleek too with brilliantly curved edges and sharp headlights sliced into the bonnet. The car also looks like a wild card and that’s one of the reasons we love it. The Porsche 911 looks perfect. It looks like the type of car that you would see parked outside of a mansion at Beverly Hills. The 370z would quite happily fill one of the slots for cars they use and obliterate in the Fast and Furious franchise. It has a rugged and rough look that gives it the impression of a street racer. It’s an exciting car that takes driving back to basics in many ways.

Inside, the car is fairly typical, and perhaps this is why the price is so low. At just thirty thousand you shouldn’t expect all the luxury features. You can pick one up for this price tag from car sellers such as the Pentagon-Group. The car has a plastic dashboard and basic seats so comfort is certainly not the top priority. Instead, Nissan has focused on power and performance.

Let’s Take It For A Spin

Join us as we take the Nissan 370z for a ride. Sit back in the seats that have been ripped straight out of the atypical saloon. Switch on the engine and hear it roar to life with the click of a button. Let the car take you from 0-60 in a blistering 5.3 seconds. This car was built for Europe’s wonderful winding roads. When you take it out, imagine the Swiss Alps rising from the earth in the distance. Don’t brake hard for the corners because the car will carry you through them with no trouble. It’s not as stiff as the previous models, and you can have some fantastic fun at high speeds. All the while you still feel as though you are in complete control. It’s a smooth drive whether you’re cruising down the highway, or firing it around a track.

Taking Breaks

So what separates this car from the supposed supercars? Actually, it’s not so much what separates them as what makes them so frustratingly similar. If you buy a supercar, you’re going to be stopping for fuel constantly. They never tell you this in the brilliantly styled ads, but the cars are not intended for long trips. They are pure, luxury items and unfortunately, the new 370z is no different. You’re constantly going to be filling up at the gas station. This is not a car for everyday life. It’s a weekend vehicle. But if car drivers are honest with themselves, so is every supercar. Fuel efficiency doesn’t matter when you’re having this much fun. Once you get it out on the road for yourself, you’ll see what we mean.

The best part about the car is still the price. Thirty thousand is quite a reasonable cost for a car with this much power, and we think it is definitely worth it. A vehicle that truly feels super is no longer out of your reach.