Fuel Transport Safety

Tips for Fuel Transport Safety

Companies all across the country are threatened by the risk of theft, and those in the transport industry have a lot to worry about regardless of their type of cargo. For those transporting refined fuel, this is a highly desirable target for thieves. It is easier to sell or keep for personal than crude oil, so fleets that transport refined fuel are at a greater risk for theft. Therefore, these companies need to take precautions to avoid theft or shrinkage. With tools like Wema Kus level senders, companies are able to keep drivers honest and watch over the fuel tank levels. However, it is important that you follow the following advice to help minimize fuel theft.

Educate and Train Drivers on Theft Scenarios

Drivers are at significant risk when transporting a load of refined fuel. Increasing the awareness of the threat of fuel theft can prepare drivers for potential scenarios, but you also need to inform them of the systems that have been put in place for protection. Train them on basic vehicle security measures, which include making sure the fuel tanks are always locked and parking the vehicle in a secure location at night.

Use Fuel Sensors and Anti-siphoning Devices

Fuel tanks can be monitored remotely through fuel sensors, some of which have a built-in GPS sensor for constant tracking. Real-time fuel reading keeps management informed on the contents of the tank, with management software able to email or alert a mobile device if fuel is withdrawn from the tank outside of normal business hours. Tanks can also be fitted with anti-siphoning devices which are supposed to deter some thieves. However, some of the more persistent individuals will try to drill right into the fuel tank to siphon out the gas.

Monitor Your Yard and Parking Location

It is always easier to target your parking location or vehicle yard, so your strategy should be to make it as difficult as possible for thieves to make it into the yard unnoticed. By installing fencing, security lights, and cameras, your yard has the added protection it needs of visibility from the road and remote viewing. Park the vehicles in defensive positions, blocking access to the fuel tanks. This means thieves would have to spend more time in highly visible areas trying to access the fuel.

Fleet management must account for many areas of risk, but in fuel transports, protection from theft is important. Take proactive steps to protect your supply from theft by drivers or common thieves.