Commercial Truck Breaks Down

What To Do When a Commercial Truck Breaks Down

Nowhere is the old adage that “time is money” more true than in the trucking industry. People are relying on you to deliver goods safely as quickly as possible. Therefore, when your vehicle breaks down, you likely wonder, “How can I find truck road service near me right now?” You hope to identify and resolve the problem in short order so you can get back on the road and minimize the downtime.

Obviously, the repair of your truck is important, but it should not take precedence over safety. Before you can have a truck service look at your vehicle, you have to get it off the road, which can be easier said than done when there is a malfunction. You also need to communicate the difficulties you are having. You should familiarize yourself with the procedure you need to follow beforehand so you do not forget it in the crisis of the moment.

1. Get Off the Road Safely

It may not be obvious to other drivers that you are experiencing trouble. Therefore, a mechanical breakdown in your commercial truck can put you at risk for a rear-end collision from another vehicle. You can alert other drivers to the difficulties you are having by turning on your flashers and then looking for the widest spot that you can find to pull over. To avoid a collision, keep an eye on the traffic around you as you are getting off the road. Rather than making a hard power turn to the side, ease your vehicle off the road to the spot you’ve chosen.

2. Warn Others

Triangles and flares alert other drivers to the presence of you and your vehicle, letting them known that they should approach and pass with caution. You should set these up at 150-foot, 100-foot, and 50-foot intervals behind your vehicle to provide ample warning.

3. Open Up the Hood

One of the first things you should do is to try to assess the problem. This typically means opening up the hood and taking a look inside to see if you can determine the nature of the issue, whether mechanical or electronic. Opening the hood also communicates to others on the road that the truck is currently out of commission.

4. Keep in Touch

You should try to have at least some idea of what is going on with your truck before you attempt to contact dispatch. However, you should call in as soon as possible after you’ve had a chance to look under the hood. Not only should you inform dispatch of your status, but it may be possible to get advice from the shop foreman on resolving the problem.