Land Rover

Why More People Are Buying Land Rovers Instead Of Other SUVs

Land Rover is a brand synonymous with luxury, practicality and performance. The marque has undergone something of a transformation in recent years. As a result, the firm is reporting record sales and profits on a global scale.

Land Rover

One question remains: why is the Land Rover marque so popular? And why are many of us buying their cars instead of SUVs from other brands? Well, it turns out there are plenty of reasons for people’s buying behaviour. Here’s a unique insight into the mindset of Land Rover buyers:

They are practical and offer a multitude of uses

Have you ever noticed that, with some SUVs, they only seem to have one purpose? Land Rover vehicles are not guilty of that fact. It seems that the British firm has bucked the trend by continuing to make SUVs that offer a multitude of uses!

For instance, you might buy one because you have a large family in tow and often have to ferry them around. You could be an off-roading enthusiast and need an SUV that can also carry around a lot of cargo at the same time.

You might even head up a local search and rescue service, and need an SUV that can transport injured people. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that Land Rover SUVs provide plenty of uses.

They are affordable

Land Rover produce SUVs aimed at different budgets. If you wanted a utilitarian example, the Defender is your best bet. If you’d prefer to travel in ultimate style and comfort, a Range Rover is for you.

Whatever your demands, you can be sure that you’ll find a Land Rover model within your price range. There are few other car brands that offer such benefits.

They are easy to sell

Let’s say that you want to upgrade to the latest Land Rover Discovery model. You own an older one at the moment and need to sell it before you can upgrade.

The beauty of Land Rovers is that you can sell your car quickly and for a good price. That’s because the marque caters for such a wide market, as opposed to its competitors.

They look cool

You might not admit it, but deep down you know that all Land Rover models have a big “cool” factor! For instance, a retro Range Rover from the 1970s looks just as good today as it then back in its heyday.

There isn’t much you can do to improve the aesthetics of a Land Rover vehicle. Sure, there are companies that specialise in customising these British SUVs. But, why not save your cash and just enjoy driving your “Landie”?

They offer a sense of adventure

We all know that some cars have a hidden character about them. Land Rovers are a marque that offers a sense of adventure. In fact, take a look at most of the firm’s previous ad campaigns. They usually feature driving the SUVs across some form of wild terrain!

Land Rover models aren’t designed for sports car fans. Nor are they aimed at those that love supercars. They get sold to people that have a sense of adventure and want their car to share the same characteristic.

So, when will you go out and get a Land Rover?