Rechargeable Lighters

A Detailed Buying Guide about Rechargeable Lighters

Lighters are compatible portable device which can be recharged with a USB. Their batteries are outstanding, long lasting and durable with a perfect flame is just a click away. These batteries come in different varieties and supreme quality.  These types of lighters are called electronic lighter and includes arc and plasma lighter. Both of them play their roles as per their uses and demands. These lighters come in very handy as this technology has now become a useful invention. Especially for travelers, these lighters are a perfect product.  Small lighter with a rechargeable battery is amazing. Superb engineers have done well to design this delicate instrument. USB lighters are famous as you can easily charge them wherever you want. They are available in a huge variety and new designs.

Features of Electric Lighter:

Rechargeable lighters work on different mechanisms. Most popular and successful is double arc lighter which is very durable and safe to use. Even though the single arc also works well but take double arc is consider much reliable and better. It gives a steady and durable flame while the spark is adequate enough to ignite the cigar. They are available in different cases like plastic and metal.  Customers can chose according to their tastes but single and double arc are most demanded.

Another way of ignition is plasma lighters. They are recommended best plasma lighters for bowls. In this category, electrodes are used to produce the spark, which makes it different from other categories. The electrodes are placed at a distance of 1mm, an adequate voltage is passed and a spark is produced. It is less liked than the arc lighters. But, it is still in the market including a variety with durable batteries.

Other fantastic feature of rechargeable lighters is that they are windproof. This makes them more attractive and the people who fond of cigars and cigarettes love these lighters. Now they can use them anywhere they want. As the presentation matters a lot they are also available in attractive cases. The metallic case looks extraordinary which is trending in black and golden. Different designs are available including the dragon. Furthermore, there is a huge variety according to quality.

Moreover, an attractive feature is that you don’t need any fuel or gas and this is surely something to buy for a regular smoker. Other lighters that operate with gas or fuel require constant refilling, so for daily smokers this does not come in handy and they enjoy rechargeable lighters more.  While you are driving you have a USB port in your car. Like your cell phone, you can charge the lighter too.

Battery of Lighters:

Its battery is very long lasting and durable, so you can charge it once and use it hundreds of times which charges fully in 1-3 hours.  This makes it durable and easy to use and you don’t have to carry the mess to charge it again and again. Plasma rechargeable ones seem to have more durable batteries which have increased their sale. For an electric lighter, 3000 volts voltage is required and voltage reaches a certain high level and causes a spark.But the electrodes are usually 1 mm apart which makes it safe for use.

These lighters have extinguished use of refilled lighters. These are economical as well as easy to carry. Moreover, refills lighters were dangerous to use as fuel or gas can cause a mess so these safe battery packs are secure. There is no risk of leakage or catching fire. With different mechanisms of ignition, they have revolutionized the world of lighters.

Comparison with Old Lighters:

Matchbox and plastic lighters were not good for health because during burning process gas and fuel burned and caused eco damage. These lighters are butane free which makes them acceptable for environment, so this is surely the best quality. Moreover, its click is amazing as it has no disgusting sound. Everything is according to your taste and you just have to choose the right product for yourself.

Although it is best plasma lighter for cigars but lighters are not only used for lighting cigars. There are a number of purposes for this compact product but it proves best for lighting candles and lamps. Moreover, they come in handy when doing decoration at events. Just one click and here is your candle with a perfect flame.

Customers have dropped very positive feedback and the sale is increasing day by day. This shows how durable they are. The buyer’s response matters a lot and they have appreciated the arc lighters more as compared to others.

Tesla Coil Lighters USB RechargeableTesla Coil Lighters USB Rechargeable:

This is surely a wonderful product and the best rechargeable lighter as it is durable and carries a perfect metallic case look. This is very useful for regular smokers as they charge it in their cars and use for a long time. Its spark is impressive and your perfect flame is just a click away. Its flame is steady and adequate to light a cigar and cigarettes.  It is very lightweight and easy to carry. Its metallic gray color attracted the customer and makes it look impressive and formal.

This product is displaying with the 4-star rating on Amazon. It is also considered as best electric lighters for bowls and this shows how much the buyers love this product. It is very delicate and elegant so you can easily carry it to functions. It can be charged within no time in your car and computer having a USB port. That is why it is your prime product as it has all the qualities of a perfect lighter.


A few steps are observed before using this lighter:

  • Do not place it near the face, observe a safe distance
  • Do not hold its button for a long time
  • Hold it carefully as the case is delicate
  • Do not overcharge the lighter, this may disrupt the battery

Comparison with Other Lighters:

As compared to others it has a very elegant presentation so; you can carry it as a fashion too. Its quality is almost the same but the outlook highly differs. The mechanism of action is almost the same. Tesla produces both varieties of lighters, the arc ones and the plasma ones but this one is different from others in quality and look.


Tesla Coil Lighters Rechargeable WindproofTesla Coil Lighters Rechargeable Windproof:

This is another wonderful product as it has all the qualities of the best rechargeable lighter. This windproof rechargeable lighter is surely a fun gadget for men. Moreover, women are also appreciating it because it has no fuel or gas it is considered as environment-friendly. You do not have to deal with the trouble of refilling, this is the main quality. These arc lighters are very easy to use and the outlook also looks attractive.

Other than lighting cigars and cigarettes there are many other purposes of this lighter. This is the best arc lighter for candles but one can light the bowls and other lamps with it too. Caterers and designers find it very easy to use. So now these rechargeable lighters are preferred over matchbox for decor purposes. Moreover, they are safe than other gadgets. In decor purposes, many ornaments need lighting that is why this is a preferable product.

You can charge it at car, computer or any compatible USB port; this makes it easy to use. So it is surely a gadget to buy. In today’s era, one had no time to refill their lighters. Once you charge you lighter it can help you for weeks.

Difference from Plasma Lighter:

Its whole mechanism is almost same but there is a slight difference between different varieties of lighters. Tesla produces both plasma and coil lighters. Ralix electronic lighter is also single arc plasma lighter. Arc Lighters use a special arc to generate the flame and this flame is steadier than the plasma one. There is less risk of catching fire in arc ones that is why double arc is more appreciated.  Whereas the plasma lighter uses electrodes, both of them are easy to use. The manufacturing companies replace the outlooks but the inner mechanism is almost same. It depends on the demands of the customers. You just have to explore your options. Quad arc plasma lighter is also in the line. It has a triple arc which makes it even more compatible.

Windproof technology is present in both and is surely a usable feature. Every fighter should have this as it makes your flame steady. That is why these lighters are becoming a prime choice. You can match or contrast them with your formal wear and carry it as a fashion too. Youngsters carry attractive lighters and cigar cases on parties and formal gatherings. Nowadays in fashion walks the models carry lighters too as this has now become a symbol of fashion.


Plasma lighters need more care while arc lighters are usually considered safe. But still it is good to maintain a safe distance, especially for human use.

Saberlight 2 PackSaberlight 2 Pack:

This pack of lighters is also giving competition to others as it is an amazing package. This parcel carries two lighters which are rechargeable like arc lighters. They are very safe and handy to use and considered as best plasma lighters for cigars. They can also light candles and other accessories for you. This small pack carries an exciting mechanism behind it which shows how much the engineers have invested in it.

They work like plasma lighters but not exactly same.  It has very positive feedback on plasma lighter review. But there is a special mechanism which makes it different, durable and easy to use.

These lighters are butane free which is a huge plus point.  This makes them environment-friendly,so they can fit in every category. Nothing to worry about while using these lighters as it is easy and comfortable to use. Its outlook is very stylish and the metallic gray color looks flawless. Moreover, the article is slim and lightweight which makes it even better.

Comparison with Other Lighters:

If we compared Saberlight lighters with other lighters there is a difference in mechanism of ignition. Technology they use is similar to plasma rechargeable lighters but they use a star wars technology to produce a plasma wave hotter than fire. This makes a very good flame. Also, the windproof technology adds to its quality. Flame formed is steady and adequate and does not hurt the object you are lighting.

Butane free quality makes it best for human use, so this is surely a pack for smokers. Its impressive outlook goes with the presentation and exciting interior provides the best quality.  This is a major difference from other low rated lighters.

Tesla Dual Arc LightersTesla Dual Arc Lighters:

If we look at the presentation, this is the best rechargeable lighter. Its packing is styling and case is superb and durable. You can easily carry it as a fashion because the colors are so attractive that even ladies are becoming fond of it. The customers have thrown away the refills and this is now their prime choice. The double arc technology makes it even more favorable. The double arc forms a better flame and lights the object within one click. Moreover, there is no fuss for refilling. After recharging, it goes all the way long and you are now free from refilling gas and fuel.

It surely gives you a better flame than any other lighter and this makes it best among the rest. Furthermore, it is now classified as best Tesla Arc Lighter because customers have dropped immense positive feedback about this product.

Comparison with Other Lighters:

This windproof USB rechargeable lighter has left every other lighter behind due to its dual arc technology is the differing point. Moreover, the outlook is extremely attractive and it glows from miles. You will surely be notified at a gathering while using this. This makes it the best product for formal use. Other lighters have a single arc for ignition. But this product has a double arc, which makes it more durable and surely a better product than plasma and single arc lighters. It is also ranked as best USB candle lighter.

When wecome to candle lighting, it is the best USB candle lighter. Decorators use it because of its handsome display, secure and safe usage. Its outlook is fantastic and is lightweight and easy to use. It will not light up till the lid is covered so it can be used on any wedding or formal gathering.  The beginners also find it useful.  All of this makes it the best arc lighter for candles and is getting top ranking in the market.

Precautions before Use:

It is safer as compared to plastic lighters, but extra care should be taken as you are dealing with flame. Keep a safe distance and do not hold the button for too long. This will make your lighter more durable.

SPPARX SPSPPARX SP Flameless Dual Arc Lighter:

This is another product running in the race. First of all, talking about the outlook, it is extremely attractive. It is even more attractive than other dual arc lighters. Its distinct blue icon looks impressive and gives it a very classy look. With a black base and blue icon, it is surely attracted by the youngsters and the ladies are also attracted by it. They really like the presentation. When it clicks the sound is very clear, so if someone has a hearing problem, you can clearly hear it. These are little points which a buyer observes when buying a product.

Coming to the interior it has a dual arc technology which makes it a product of choice. Because of this, it is a durable product and the case is compact. It is time to say goodbye to cheap plastic lighters because now this is your best product. The quality is guaranteed as it is the top-ranked product. Many features play role in this ranking. All of them make it a favorite product of the business class especially the outlook takes all the marks. If you are a lighter lover you should explore this.

Comparison with Other Lighters:

Comparing with plasma lighters they use a double arc. They are even better than the single arc lighters. That is why the customers look satisfied. The spark is one click and it does make a sound but it is not annoying like plastic lighters. It lights the cigars and cigarettes well. You surely do not need a crack sound within a gathering while lighting an expensive cigar. It will match your class if you are a business person. Moreover, it is a perfect display lighter for offices because the battery is bigger than other rechargeable lighters. That is why it is preferable. Moreover, if one arc works amazingly, the double arc will be outstanding. That is why it is the most favorite product.


It is very safe to use and no such precautions are needed and even though it has eliminated the caution of holding the button for too long. It is just a one-click mechanism. This is one of the reasons that make it a priority.