Scarcity of Water

Scarcity of Water

The experts predict that, the next conflict among neighboring States and districts in India will be for “water”. This will be something that is bound to happen by 2025 according to the survey. But in our National capital Delhi the water war is already initiated. Delhi and Haryana are in constant battle regarding the allotment of water, the case is still going on. Flats for sale in Delhi suburbs specially faces severe problems of water scarcity along with the other inhabitants in and around the capital, and this is getting worse day by day.

Scarcity of Water

Causes of water Scarcity

There are many causes for water shortage in Delhi. Growing population is a major contributing factor, increasing number of slums in all parts of the capital. A major group of people in the capital are facing water shortage issue, which is mainly due to the decrease in the level of groundwater. This is majorly due to the extremity in the climatic condition. All this also has harsh effect on the vegetation. Waste water management is another concern in the capital, these results in diminishing portable water. Careless usage of water by the citizens of the capital is also a reason for the scarcity.

To solve to issue of water shortage the following can be done:

  • Recycling of water using proper disposal and management systems
  • The Flats, Houses, Apartments,Bunglows and factories, all of these should have rain water harvesting system .
  • Go Green, Planting more number of trees will help to rise the ground water level
  • Construction of dams

Save water Movement

Need of saving water should be understood by all the citizens in the country. It’s very simple. Keep the taps shut while brushing, reduce the usage of shower and use the buckets instead while taking bath, similarly fill a bucket with water and wash your car rather than using pressure pipe fitted hose, fix the leakages and check the functioning of taps constantly, and most important :don’t forget to turn off the tap after any use .These are the primary rules that has been taught to all of us from childhood days. The question to ask is “how many of us follow these rules?” The educated lot in the society needs to run awareness campaign for the poor and make them understand the side effects of lose of water in the long run.

All the housing colonies should make it compulsory to have rain water harvesting in the houses that are going to be constructed. All the citizens in the country should take responsibility and start spreading awareness in a aggressive way, every drop of water saved is precious.

There are a lot of online campaigns now in the country to address this issue of shortage of water. Mentioned below are some techniques to conserve water which is very simple and easy to do for any person.


  • By no means put water down the drain as there are always different uses for water such as cleaning the car porch, or to pour it under the plants.
  • Find out the leakages in your residence, take the reading of the water meter everyday at end of the day and this will tell you if there are some hidden leakages
  • Avoid watering your garden everyday during rainy season.
  • Plant the seeds of knowledge regarding conservation and management of water in Kids, They learn quicker and might remind you of the same when you blank out.
  • Support most of the save water campaigns in the country by participating in it.

To Sum it up try doing something every day ,to save water and no matter how little you save it does matters .Like each drop each person also makes a difference.