Make the Planet Cleaner and Greener

Top Companies That Are Working To Help Make the Planet Cleaner and Greener

In today’s corporate world, being environmentally friendly is an essential concept that helps a company save money and prepare for the future. While many companies strive to run as efficiently as possible and reduce their waste and carbon emissions, there are a small number of ventures whose mission is to make the planet a better place. A few companies around the world have taken on the big job of making the planet cleaner. Here are the corporations that are doing the most for the environment.


A company that is constantly in the news because of its great strides in building better environmentally friendly products is Tesla. Tesla Motors has revolutionized the electric vehicle industry. This corporation is working to change the world’s dependence on using fossil fuels for vehicles with their exciting and high-tech car lineup. They’re also working on developing better rechargeable batteries for other industries.


Another company that has taken the concept of reusing to new levels is thredUP. ThredUP is a worldwide secondhand clothing marketplace that helps people get rid of their unwanted clothing and make some money in the process. Their corporate model encourages reusing clothing instead of manufacturing new apparel.


Gazelle, owned by parent company ecoATM, is another company that is working to help make the planet better. The ecoATM professionals have developed a model that allows consumers to recycle old electronics and get some cash for them in person at an ecoATM or online through Gazelle. This helps the planet by reducing the amount of pollution and wasted space from electronic garbage. Their mission is to encourage all people around the world to recycle electronic devices, such as smartphones, music players, and iPods to keep these items out of landfills.


Outdoor apparel company Patagonia is also working to help the environment. Their focus on sustainability and financially supporting environmental charities is a good example of corporate responsibility. Its management team stresses the importance of hiring people who are committed to saving the planet. Patagonia has also altered its advertising strategies to focus on educating consumers about being less wasteful with their products and other items. While some of their advertising doesn’t encourage additional buying of new products, it has helped them increase their revenue and hit higher profit marks.

Beyond Meat

Food producers can also help the planet by using eco-friendlier practices. One of the most important ways a company is helping the planet is by working to reduce the amount of red meat consumed in the world. Cattle farming contributes to a lot of waste in the world and consumes an excessive amount of resources. Beyond Meat is a venture that has created a tasty meat product that is made completely with plant material. Eating plant-based proteins can help reduce resource depletion in the world.

Seventh Generation

Paper products, such as toilet paper, paper towels, diapers, and other disposables are another item that contributes to a lot of waste currently in landfills. Seventh Generation is a company that produces these products but has greener corporate practices. Their product lines are made from recyclable materials and use non-toxic chemicals that are gentle for the planet.

Bios Urns

The last company that is working to change the planet and reduce its carbon footprint is Bios Urns. Bios Urns is a company that people can turn to after a loved one passes away. Instead of opting for a traditional funeral and burial in one of the many crowded memorial gardens around the world, the company has created a biodegradable urn to house ashes of a deceased person. As the urn breaks down, the ashes merge with a seed and a tree begins to sprout.

Companies in today’s world need to do more to make the planet a cleaner and more vibrant place. Luckily, these corporate entities are leading the way to help the rest of the business world start to take environmentalism more seriously.