employee time clock

Employee Time Clock – A wise investment for companies

While many companies use handwritten time sheets to track employee hours, some have found that this system doesn’t always work well. Inaccuracies and miscalculations can lead to lost revenue and have a negative impact on employee morale. An employee time clock can be a wise investment for companies of any size. Here’s why:

employee time clock

1. Fraud reduction. Unfortunately, some employees intentionally missed report time spent in the office. As a result, employers and up spending a great deal of money over time for work that was never performed. In addition, conscientious employees may lose morale as they see less honest employees do less work while still receiving the same compensation.

Another type of fraud that some employees perpetrate is asking a coworker to sign in or out for them because the employee is not in the office. Biometric systems make this impossible, by requiring employees to scan their fingerprints before being clocked in. Fingerprint scanning is also much quicker than using a paper time card or punching a PIN into the time clock.

2. Eliminate miscalculations. Even honest employees can make mistakes when calculating work hours from a handwritten timesheet. Time clocks are programmed to record hours, ensuring that employees are paid what they’ve earned and that payroll can process time sheets efficiently.

3. Discourage tardiness. Time clocks don’t lie. If an employee is consistently a few minutes late, the time clock will show this pattern, allowing the employee’s supervisor to appropriately counsel and, if necessary, reprimand the employee.

4. Reduce work for supervisors and managers. Managers and supervisors have more important things to do than to try and decipher handwriting and check employee math. The clock handles time sheet printing and calculation, freeing your supervisory employees to focus on their primary job duties.

5. Improve office security. Forget about giving employees keys or assigning magnetic badges. Some time clock systems work with your door locks, automatically logging your employees in and out when they enter and leave the office.

Companies like TimeClockEShop.com sell many different types of time clocks. These range from basic time clocks that allow your employees to quickly “punch in and punch out” to biometric and computer-based systems. Reviewing the types of clocks on offer can help you decide what is best for your business.