Epoxy Flooring

Top 6 Industries That Benefit from Epoxy Flooring

While epoxy coatings are often used in home garages, the flooring has numerous industrial applications. Resistant to abrasions, germs, stains, bacteria and heat, the options are endless in a variety of industries. These top six industries can see immediate benefits from using epoxy coatings in their facilities.


Using epoxy floor coating in tech industries is an affordable option especially for start-ups. The coating comes in a variety of colors to design a floor that matches with the corporate culture. Heavy machinery won’t damage the flooring. In addition, you can easily rearrange the space as often as necessary as more employees onboard.


A germ-free environment is essential in the healthcare industry especially pharmaceuticals. The ability to easily clean and maintain a clean floor make epoxy coatings a good choice for the industry. With constant auditing and strict regulations, the pharmaceutical industry must be particular about what is in their facilities. Epoxy has a nice glossy finish in a variety of colors and textures to suit the industry.

Food/Beverage Production

Stringent safety checks are a staple of the food and beverage industry. Using epoxy coatings can make it easier to keep up with those strict safety regulations regarding the floor. The gloss finish and heat resistant surface make it a good choice for the industry. The floor is easy to clean and resists chemicals, germs and bacteria for a safe environment.


Pallet trucks transfer materials all over a printing facility. The durability of the epoxy floor can withstand the rigors of a forklift carrying heavy loads of paper. Epoxy strengthens the underlying concrete to help prevent holes and cracks. Printing ink can damage the concrete but doesn’t cause problems for epoxy.

High Precision Machinery

Durable flooring such as epoxy help minimize dust that can cause problems for high precision machinery. Some of the machines run hot and need a floor that can resist the heat the machines give off. Epoxy is much cheaper than other flooring options for a clean, safe working environment.


Packaging companies cover a broad array of industries. Those that cater to the healthcare and food industries have high standards for cleanliness. Epoxy is easy to clean to keep unwanted debris and dust away from the containers, stretch films, pails, wrappers and buckets needed to ship items.

Protect your industrial floor with epoxy coatings and reap the benefits for years to come. The affordable option increases the durability of the concrete floor and is easier to keep clean than other options. Speak to a professional contractor for the right epoxy coating to use in your industry.