Card Games To Pass The Time

Card Games To Pass The Time

Playing cards is a great way to make the time go quickly.  People who live in northern climates have fond childhood memories of playing cards with their siblings on snow days.  In Florida, people play cards while waiting for the electricity to come back on after a lightning storm.  Besides, who can forget the fun of playing Uno at summer camp?  Card games remain the go-to pastime for any occasion where you cannot depend on your smartphone for entertainment.

Card Games To Pass The Time

Yes, smartphones are this generation’s preferred form of entertainment.  Imagine the fun you can have when you combine card games with mobile apps.  If you have an Android, then ASO has just the mobile card game for you.

Playing Solitaire on Your Android Mobile Device

Solitaire is one of the least expensive leisure activities in the world.  One deck of cards provides many thousands of hours of entertainment.  Smartphones aren’t cheap, but now you can play solitaire free on your Android.  ASO Solitaire is modeled after the classic Windows version of solitaire.  Solitaire, whether played with physical cards or on a computer, provides enjoyment because of its simplicity.  For the most part, ASO Solitaire is just a basic Klondike solitaire game.

Additional Features of the ASO Solitaire App

There are a few things you can do with the ASO Solitaire app that you can’t do with just a deck of cards. The ASO Solitaire app has cumulative scoring, so you can keep track of your improving skill level.  It also has a leaderboard, so you can post your scores and see how you compare to other players.  It lets you share your scores with your friends.

Basic solitaire doesn’t need much improvement.  Solitaire apps preserve the original spirit of the game while letting you record and share your scores.