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Five Games You Should Buy For Your Xbox One

If you’ve just picked up a new Xbox One, and you’re wondering what games to buy, you’ve come to the right place! The amount of choice available to you is considerable, and it all depends on what type of game you like to play. However, some games are more popular than others, and the following five are constantly being played by people all over the world.

video gamesGrand Theft Auto V

As long as you’re of a suitable age, Grand Theft Auto V is a fantastic choice. It’s arguably the greatest entry in the series, featuring a massive open world and incredibly varied gameplay. There’s an excellent single-player story featuring the best missions ever seen in a Grand Theft Auto game. If you get bored with that, you can always jump online and partake in all sorts of craziness with your friends.


FIFA is always a great choice for anyone who wants their soccer fix. You can play multiple seasons against the AI, or jump online and play a variety of different modes. The most popular reason to play FIFA nowadays is Ultimate Team, which gives you the chance of creating a stand-out squad. You can buy points or get inexpensive FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Game Coins online to fast-track your way to success as well.

Halo 5

Anyone who has ever heard of the Xbox has surely heard of Halo. It was the stand-out title for the Xbox in the early years, helping it to achieve success. Since then, there have been many different titles under the Halo banner, and Halo 5 is the latest. Featuring a single-player campaign as well as numerous online modes, it’s a great choice for anyone who loves shooters. If you aren’t so keen on the new version, you can always pick up the Master Chief Collection instead to play the older games.

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition

It seems like everywhere you go, you hear something about Minecraft. Kids are obsessed with it, and so are many adults! It might not look much on the surface, but it’s an in-depth game that you can easily sink hours into. It’s also very cheap on the Xbox One, and won’t take long to download if you buy it digitally. You can play by yourself or jump online and play with friends; it’s up to you.

Rocket League

One of the most recent highlights of the Xbox One lineup was the introduction of Rocket League. After achieving massive and unprecedented levels of success on the PS4 and PC last year, the game finally made its move to Xbox One. Playing soccer with cars might not sound that enticing, but it’s a lot more fun than you might expect! It can be bought for a low price on the Xbox One Marketplace, and you might just find you become easily addicted!

As we’ve already said, the Xbox One is packed with fantastic games, and you can always find something to suit your interests. It’s also a great choice of console, full of fantastic features. Enjoy!