iPhone Teaser Games

The Most Popular iPhone Teaser Games

If you have an iPhone, you are bound to download a few games to play while you are lounging around the house relaxing or while you are on the bus waiting to get to your destination. And many of the most beloved iPhone games are teaser puzzles that test your ability to think fast.

iPhone Teaser Games

But which teaser games are the most popular and worth your time? Continue reading for a list of the best ones that you should download today.

Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz is an intense matching game that really tests your skills because you have to work against the clock to make as many matches as possible. Hand-eye coordination is key, and you also need to know how to work fast enough to get bonuses that will increase your points. Connecting with your friends and competing against them is a great way to up your skill level and show off what you can do.

Candy Crush

Yet another matching game is candy crush. You basically match pieces of candy to complete a level, but the levels get progressively harder, with things like chocolate and jelly getting in the way.

Farm Heroes

Farm Heroes is an adorable matching game just like Bejeweled, but you are not timed so it is not nearly as intense. You can spend as long as you need completing a level, but you do have a limited number of moves. You can purchase boosters, as well as get them for free daily, but the ultimate goal is to match up the appropriate icons and gather as many fruits and vegetables as required to complete a level, just like the hugely popular Candy Crush.

Angry Birds

There is a reason that Angry Birds is a massive franchise now, with everything from board games to plush toys. It is a great game that really tests your skills using adorable birds that knock down obstacles and kill bad pigs, as long as you aim them perfectly. The more accurate you are, and the faster you complete a level, the higher ranking you will get. Play online against your friends or play on your own on your iPhone.

Knowledge Trainer

If you are looking for something a little different and that will test your knowledge in a variety of fields, check out the game called Knowledge Trainer. It is a lot like the popular Jeopardy TV game show, as you will be asked questions about myriad topics, including science, history, the arts and film, sports, and more. As you answer correctly, the questions will become more advanced, so the challenge will keep you motivated to keep going. The game will even maintain stats on how you perform in each category so you can see where you are strongest and weakest.

There are so many great iPhone games to choose from, but brain teasers that test your skills are really fun. If you want more hands-on teasers, you can check out Stave teaser puzzles and see how well you do, whether you play alone or with friends.