Improve App Security

A Collaborative and Agile Development Team can Improve App Security

Enterprise mobility can be a serious challenge to many businesses, with a number of often conflicting goals presenting themselves sometimes all at once. The key to navigating the waters of business mobile app technology is to find experts who can help with some of the key challenges.

Improve App Security

However mobile your employees may be, they always need to have easy access to business data if they are going to be able to make up-to-date, informed, and quick decisions.Most companies rely on a mobile work force — as the remote office is an ever-growing concept, and in many cases companies provide company phones, iPad provisions, or BYOD policies. To really work effectively, however, employees need unhindered access to the data stored at the office. Most often, company data is kept in far too many places and stored too indiscriminately to give workers proper access to it on the move.

Protecting corporate data is an absolute imperative and it is a big focus for executives and management alike. The mobile workforce makes this more challenging for businesses, as they are allowing more data out of the office, using multiple devices to access and store it, and working from networks that may be inconsistent or unsecure.

The right mobile app developer can leverage technologies to solve these issues while at the same time enabling the flexibility their mobile employees require. An agile and reliable team of end-to-end developers can allow users to easily share data inside and outside of the office with secure file sharing and centralized data governance.

In fact, the advent of wearable technologyis offering an entirely new opportunity for cyber-attacks and for data loss, as their security frameworks are less sophisticated and haven’t necessarily been tested over time.  With ever evolving mobile app tech, it becomes increasingly important to work with developers who come with a proven track record. When first deciding on a company, choose someone who has a portfolio thick with past successes. A company like Toronto’s Clearbridge Mobile, for example, posts their past and current clients — such as Shell, Disney, and Tim Hortons — proudly, which immediately makes a statement about their acumen. Nothing can replace experience and reputation, after all. The Clearbridge Mobile app development services team can offer a number of advantages that less-established developers can’t, including

  • Squad-based agile processes that reduce risk and improve security
  • Rolling-wave planning schedules that promote flexible, strategic product evolution
  • Collaborative product definition ensuring long-term product success
  • Clear, transparent end-of-sprint product demos at two-week intervals

For years, experts have lamented the gap between demand for mobile apps and the ability of firms to deliver — due in no small part to a shortage of skilled resources that code-based development requires, particularly when it comes to supporting multiple mobile platforms and devices. If your business is looking to improve its mobile app accessibility and security, contact the right end-to-end app development team — with the right portfolio — to see your project through at each and every step.