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How Mobile Apps Can Improve Your Business

We live in a “post-PC era,” a term popularised by Steve Jobs around the launch of the first iPhone. We’re used to owning multiple devices that are best suited for different tasks: our desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet. It’s the smartphone that has made the biggest change to our day-to-day lives though.

Mobile Apps BusinessChanging Landscapes

For many of us, it’s replaced the desktop as our primary computing device, whether it’s for checking notifications, social media feeds, or comparing prices while shopping. In fact, companies like Instagram and Flipboard existed for years without being accessible from a desktop browser. As smartphones continue to become more capable computing devices, businesses need to adapt to the changing landscapes and ensure they have a mobile presence from the get-go.

Build Your Customerbase

By partnering with a specialist like Evolve Consultancy to build a mobile app, you’re creating what your audience wants. Not only are consumers now much more comfortable doing their shopping online, a staggering 85% prefer using a mobile app compared to a mobile website. Most feel it’s more convenient, faster, and offers a better user experience. Smartphone adoption is seeing consistent growth, especially in developing markets, and a cross-platform app, from iOS to Android and Windows, can help you reach billions of individuals.

Improve Your Business

Perhaps the main benefit of developing a mobile app is the opportunity to take advantage of the analytical data it provides. You’ll be able to easily keep a log on what’s selling, if they’re repeat shoppers, and even the location of the customer. This kind of data is integral in identifying marketplace trends that will shape your company’s long-term future.

You can also make use of the extended functionality smart devices offer. For instance, your app could use asmartphone’s built-in GPS service so that customers always know where you’re nearest store is. Similarly, if you have an e-commerce business built around buying used goods, the process becomes much simpler when you can take a photo of the product or scan a barcode right from within an app. Automating what was previously a time-consuming manual action will result in more people willing to try out the service.
Because of the current technological landscape, having a mobile presence is essential for a business, whatever the size. Do you think it’s time all company’s embraced a mobile future? Let us know in the comments below.