protect your Galaxy S7 Edge

Once You Customize Your S7 Edge, It Won’t Look Like Anyone Else’s

With all of the hype surrounding the release of the Galaxy S7 Edge, you knew it was going to be a popular phone. But now that critics have called it the best phone of 2016, it’s official: everyone is going to own the S7 Edge. Just like you. If the idea that everyone and their mother are going to have the same smartphone in their hands as you, then it’s time to consider your customization options.

protect your Galaxy S7 Edge

The S7 Edge isn’t a car that you can get a custom paint job on. There are too many intricate pieces that are necessary for its function and style for you to start applying layers of paint on the Edge. However, you can take a tip from certain cars that are covered in 3M vinyl decals. You know the cars – they have a picture or company advertisement along its doors. The same vinyl that wraps around these cars is now being used to create accurate covers for smartphones like the S7 Edge.

Also known as S7 Edge skins, these decals aren’t permanent like a paint job would be. The pieces of vinyl that make up these skins stick to the S7 Edge without the use of sticky adhesives. This lack of glue doesn’t compromise its “stick factor”, as the S7 Edge skins clings to the phone effortlessly. It does, however, make it easy to peel off an existing decal and replace it with a new one. That means you can keep your S7 Edge as fresh and unique as you want it to be.

Choose from different textures and colors to find the decal that screams ‘you’ and not any of the other S7 Edge users. If you have the time, you can make a whole fleet of S7 Edge decals so you can swap between them as the mood arises. You can give these skins a common design, keeping them to the same texture but switching up their colors; or you can create a completely new design for each of your skins. It’s totally up to you. As long you’re happy with your choice then you should do it.

Choosing S7 Edge skins made out of 3M vinyl comes with another upside. This strong and durable material can protect your phone from scratches, scrapes, scuffs, and nicks. It also gives the S7 Edge a superior grip that lessens the chances of dropping your phone and shattering its screen. Best of all, if you’re sick and tired of seeing the smudges on your phone, you can protect your Galaxy S7 Edge with dbrand skins. These skins are cut to precision to cover the entire backside of your phone, where the grime and fingerprints collect. Once applied, you’ll never have to see dirty fingerprints again.

Smudge-free and scuff-free 3M skins will make sure your phone stays in mint condition for a lot longer than you’d expect. While every other S7 Edge owner has to deal with fingerprints and scratches, you can use your phone without a second thought. But more importantly, with a customized skin attached to your S7 Edge, it will have enough personality to stand out from all of the other S7 Edges in existence.