VPS Hosting

Advantages of VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is an extremely useful service that is mainly used by small businesses and individual entrepreneurs. It is employed to host business card sites, small online stores, and web applications.

What Is VPS Hosting?

VPS is a virtual private server provisioning service. A virtual server emulates the operation of a conventional server but uses only part of its potential. If necessary, several VPSs can be launched on one server. This is a convenient service for small companies as they do not need the potential of a whole huge server to host sites.

Also, VPS is used to increase the reserves of simple hosting when its system cannot cope with the load. Many clients use VPS for project security.


Easy to customize. A convenient control panel has been developed for clear and simple task execution. Out-of-the-box setting systems simplify the management process, and tasks are performed with a simple push of buttons.

Scalability. It is possible to customize the server parameters to suit your needs. For example, you can select individual pricing plan options and change them to suit your needs.

Possibility of access from the root. This gives you complete control over the server.

SSD drives. SSD VPS hosting withstands a large influx of visitors for a certain time and also allows you to load site pages faster.

Automatic tuning. All network settings are configured automatically. You are simply provided with a dedicated IP and SSH key to access your root account.

Trusted Provider

Monster Host is one of the leading European secure web hosting companies. This company provides modern hosting solutions and the best domain names in the heart of Luxembourg. The service operates under SSL certificates, which guarantee complete security and confidentiality of customer data.

For customer support, https://monsterhost.com/vps-hosting/ provides a 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 online consultation.

VPS Hosting Plans

VPS Hosting PlansMonster Host offers 4 pricing plans for all its clients. They differ in some characteristics:

  • The number of processor cores
  • The amount of RAM
  • Disk capacity (the more media content is presented on the site, the more disk capacity is needed)
  • The number of IP addresses (if you need to separate two sites or you manage two different applications, you need to select packages with 2 IP addresses)
  • Controllability of the panel (if you have chosen the initial pricing plan, you will need Linux skills and knowledge to manage your server. All other packages have a ready-made solution in which you simply select the desired settings. This option is suitable even for users with a basic knowledge of server management)

You can configure each of the parameters online to suit your needs.