ASUS TRX40 Motherboard

ASUS Introduces TRX40 Series Motherboards

To help professionals, enthusiasts and gamers alike unleash the full potential of AMD’s 3rd Gen Ryzen Threadripper, ASUS is introducing new TRX40 series motherboards that come loaded with improvements and new features: the ROG Zenith II Extreme, ROG Strix TRX40-E Gaming and the Prime TRX40-Pro.

For high-end desktop users, the TRX40 series offers four memory channels for up to 256 GB of RAM across eight slots. 3rd Gen Threadripper CPUs maintain their predecessors’ support for ECC memory, too. Take your rig to new heights with bumped up 3200MHz stock RAM speeds and push the limits even further with an extra boost from our exclusive OptiMem III technology in the Republic of Gamers (ROG) Zenith II Extreme.

The ROG Zenith II Extreme helps demanding users push every limit

The ROG Zenith II Extreme is perfect for professional users and gaming enthusiasts looking to explore the limits of 3rd Gen Threadripper CPUs’ core and memory clock speeds. It’s filled to the brim with top-notch hardware to satisfy the most demanding users around.

Extensive storage capabilities are enabled by the Zenith II’s five M.2 slots each using up to four lanes of PCIe 4.0, with three slots directly on-board and two coming from the exclusive DIMM.2 module. Hard drives are still the kings of sheer capacity, and the Zenith II provides eight SATA ports for all your mass storage needs.

Networking is a key aspect for workstation and high-end desktop machines. After all, whatever tasks you’re dealing with probably involve shuffling large chunks of data from one machine to another. The Zenith II Extreme features a trio of network interfaces. An Intel I211-AT Gigabit Ethernet controller gets the party started, but the Aquantia AQC-107 10GbE controller really fires things up as it makes short work of multi-terabyte transfers. If wires don’t agree with you, then experience the fastest Wi-Fi 6 performance with exclusive ASUS GameFirst V technology featuring Intel® AX200 Wi-Fi 6 hardware with Bluetooth 5 support.

Transport Threadripper to the battlefield atop the ROG Strix TRX40-E Gaming

The ROG Strix TRX40-E Gaming motherboard has the high-end desktop credentials you would expect from such a standout component, and it fits all of that power into a standard ATX form factor with great customization options, sleek Strix Cybertext aesthetics and a 1.3-inch LiveDash OLED display. Its striking angular design extends to the M.2 heatsink and audio circuitry covers, and most of the board is blacked out so that it can look its best under any shade of RGB LED lighting.

This Strix board feeds its CPU with a 16-stage VRM with two semi-passive fans above the heatsink to keep things cool, even with demanding overlocks. ProCool II power plugs and their solid pins help ensure stable power delivery to Threadripper’s many cores and keep the connectors themselves cool under load.