EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard – Get Your Lost Data Back Easily

Have you ever experienced a situation where files are accidentally deleted from your computer, either as a result of a system crash, formatted or damaged hard drive, virus attack or as lost partition, and at that time you feel is all over and can never back your files again. If you have found yourself in such situation, then you can now relax your mind a bit with hopes that your data can get back. But the very first, question arises in your mind How you can get back your lost data again? So, Yes, I am going to introduce to you a free data recovery software that can help you to get your files back when trapped in such situation.

You might heard of something similar to this or might be you have tried a number of softwares, I may not know your experience with other software, but one of the most effective and powerful software that recovered deleted files is the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.


EaseUS Data Recovery is an effective tool to recover your data back easily and quickly. It allows you to search by file type by file type and also includes raw file recovery features. It offers recovery results and file preview that make easier to authentic your recovered files since you can view them without having to through the process of opening each one individually to find out if it is not working or useful.

How to get your deleted files recovered with EaseUS?

The foremost step is to download and install the program on your PC or laptop. Once the software is successfully installed, run it. After this, select the specific location where you lost your data and files. The program will also display the lost partition here.


Once you have made your choice and select it, then you click the scan button. The program will now scan your drive to reveal the lost file. When the quick scan completed, the deep scan will automatically start to further find more files from your device.


Within a few minutes, when scanning process has completed, the found files are displayed as a list. For each single file, you can see its name, size, file type, modification time, creation time, last access. Date, attributes and etc. Now you can simply select the file which you want to recover and then click the recover button. Once that is done the file is back to your device and you can save it.