Microsoft, One Of The World’s Tech Superpowers!

The truth is that a lot of the time, Microsoft don’t get treated fairly – over the years there has been a lot of Microsoft bashing in comparison to the bad press that their competitor brands like Apple and Google get. However, when it comes down to it, Microsoft are actually a pretty incredible company and one that many of us would be lost without.


The fact is that unlike Apple, Microsoft doesn’t have a cool, hip vibe. Its tech is massively popular and has been since the 90s. Unlike Google, Microsoft doesn’t have the same new optimism for technology. In many ways, Microsoft is a much more grounded company than these two, and it pays for it by being bashed by techies obsessed with Apple and Google products.

However, just because Microsoft isn’t a company that everyone loves, that doesn’t mean that it’s not one of the world’s tech superpowers – it is, by the way! Out of all the world’s major tech companies, Microsoft is, without a doubt, one of the most diverse. It has two major case flows – Microsoft Office and Windows, and is also a million dollar business – it really is a pretty amazing company.

Here’s what makes Microsoft one of the world’s most incredible tech superpowers:

Incredible designs

Microsoft has pioneered some truly incredible designs, from the invention of PC tools like Microsoft Office and Windows to its creation of the Windows Phone. Admittedly, the Windows Phone has not been all that well received, with many people preferring Apple, Google and Samsung phones. However, if you actually take the time to try out the Windows Phone, it is an incredible piece of software with an amazing design. Another example of Microsoft’s flawless design is Windows 8, a piece of software that seamlessly bridged the gap between PCs and tablets, allowing users to have the same experience on both devices.

Universal software

One of the incredible things about Microsoft is that their software is universal. Unlike many companies, they don’t tend to make different software for different things. Instead, they create one set of universal software that can be used by all devices and by all sorts of people. Take Microsoft Office, for instance. This software is made up of a number of ‘office tools,’ including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Powerpoint, all of which are made to be used by a range of people in a range of scenarios, from businesses to students, this software caters to the needs of everyone and anyone. Sure, getting to grips with how some of the software works and how it can be used effectively can be a little tricky. But thanks to specialist Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel training, it can be easy to use and get to grips with, it’s just a case of understanding how to use it effectively. Once you understand how Microsoft’s programs work, they are some of the easiest pieces of software to use; it’s just a case of learning how to use them in a way that meets your needs. The fantastic thing about this software is that it’s adaptable – the same software business owners use to run meetings, teachers use in schools to educate children.

Unique compatibility

When we say ‘unique compatibility,’ we mean it. Unlike any other tech company, Microsoft ensures that all their technology is compatible by not only thinking in the here and now, but by also thinking backward. Wondering what thinking backward means? It’s quite simple really; it just means that Microsoft not only takes into account the software that’s in place at the time, but also the old software that has been used in the past, ensuring that all add-ons and updates are compatible with that. To do this, Microsoft puts a lot of time – they have a specialist team in place for this – into ensuring that all add-ons and updates don’t break compatibility with older products or software. Pretty amazing, huh?

They listen to their customers

Out of all the tech companies out there, Microsoft has some of the best customer service there is because they actually listen to what their customers have to say. Not only do they wait to hear from customers, they actively look for feedback by constantly contacting customers to ask them about their experience with them. Before a new product or piece of software is launched, they ask their customers about what they want. Why? Because they want to ensure that they are giving their customers exactly what they want from their software and products.

They have a lot of businesses

Microsoft must be doing something right because not only do they have a mini-empire thanks to their highly popular PC software, but they also own 11 (11 businesses, that’s a lot) million dollar businesses. As well as owning Windows, Office, and Xbox – their most famous ones, they also own Servers, SQL Server, System Center, and SharePoint, among many others.

Innovative products

Now, if there’s one thing that Microsoft is really famous for, it’s their incredible products. Yes, their software is popular but so are many of their products, the Windows Phone aside, of course. So, with that in mind, what are some of Microsoft’s most innovative (and popular) products?

Xbox and Xbox Live: Since first launching the Xbox in  2001, Microsoft’s game consoles have become big business. From the moment the Xbox launched, it was clear that it would rival Sony’s PlayStation, but few people realized just how much competition it would be. Fast forward 15 years and six Xbox versions later, and today Xbox is a household name and competes closely with Sony. The Xbox One and Xbox Live have been highly successful, and have shown Microsoft for the amazing company that it is. The incredible thing about Xbox Live is that it unites players, allowing those playing on an Xbox One console to play alongside those playing via Windows 10 – this is an incredibly innovative concept and a highly popular one. Games can even be played on both consoles, allowing gamers to switch between their Xbox and PC as and when they want to.

Incredible PC software: There’s no doubt about it, as we’ve mentioned above Microsoft has created some of the world’s most innovative PC software. From Microsoft Office to Windows, Microsoft has taken the world by storm when it comes to PC software. Both Apple and Google have tried to compete with this. Apple has created their own computer software called ios but have incorporated Microsoft Office into it because of how popular it is – at first they tried using their own platform for word documents and spreadsheets, but it just couldn’t compare. As for Google, Google has made it clear how innovative Microsoft’s computer software is by mimicking Microsoft Office and creating their very own version – the only difference is that it’s free to use and runs via the internet. Admittedly, the concept of having a Microsoft Office type system online does work well, especially as it’s linked to Gmail and makes sharing a whole lot easier. That being said, it’s pretty easy to see just how similar Google Pages, Google Sheets, and Google Slides are to Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, don’t they? The fact that Google has copied the Microsoft Office concept, says a lot about how successful it is.

Minecraft: Okay, so Microsoft didn’t actually create Minecraft, they brought it back in 2014. At the time, a lot of people thought that it was an odd decision by Microsoft as they had made their money from PC software, games consoles – not PC games, and phones until then. There were also concerns that Microsoft would make Minecraft an Xbox and Windows-only game. However, they didn’t do that, sure they made a few changes but overall the game is just as it was when it was bought, only better, and now is more popular than ever. The fact that Microsoft didn’t make too many changes to Minecraft shows that as a company they understand that if something works there’s no need to fix it – a concept that all tech companies could learn a lot by taking note of.

Surface Pro Tablet: Despite the fact that the Windows Phone hasn’t always been that popular, Microsoft took a leap of faith and created their own tablet the Surface Pro Tablet. This device that runs via Windows 10 is truly amazing as it can do anything – yes, anything – that a PC can do. Apple boasts that their iPads can do what an Apple Mac can do, but the fact is they don’t measure up, whereas this tablet does. Add-ons for this tablet include a keyboard and a stylus, meaning that it’s incredibly easy to use it like you would a PC.

There’s no getting away from the fact that Microsoft really is one of the world’s tech superpowers. It may get a lot of bashing from techies, but the fact is that Microsoft is an incredible company. It boasts innovative designs, incredible software, a unique approach to compatibility, and is always willing to take on board what customers have to say – what more could you want? Sure, some Microsoft products may not be for everyone, but you can’t argue with the fact that overall it’s a pretty amazing company.