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Does Wrong Web Host Damage SEO Rankings?

You probably already know that, successful site needs a high ranking. Everyone wants that their site achieve better search engine rankings, but to lead success, there are plenty of factors that you should follow to get better ranking. But one of those, we are talking about is Web Hosting service. Most of the people face difficulties making a decision on which web host should they choose, and sometime their decision is wrong. A good web host will does impact your site ranking and other features as well. I am not saying that good web host guaranteed to boost up your site ranking, but surely will not harm. But if you choose a wrong web host, so they will definitely damage your site, and ranking as well.

Web Host

Therefore, you should choose a web host provider carefully, that will not harm your site. But most of the people making their decision on the basis of price, they are doing an expensive mistake and will realize later. On the pretext of low pricing, the cheap web host does not provide any benefit to your site ranking, even deform your site. I am going to aware you some factors that you should consider before selecting a web host.


Security is the most important factor that you should consider before making a decision. If your site security is low, so the more risk of getting hack your site. Because website gets hack anytime and to get rid of this situation, you should keep your security high. Many web host providers will offer you high level security, so you must choose that service.

Uptime / Downtime

Uptime is basically the total time of functioning your site, and downtime is the opposite of uptime. Search engine spiders will visit your site anytime, and if your site is in downtime then the search engine record that this site inaccessible and move to the other site. If this happens many time then, they you lose your site ranking. So you should choose that service, which will provide you 100 percent of uptime.


It is the most essential factor to boasts up your site ranking. Speed matters a lot, if your site is slow, so you will lose your readers and SEO ranking, too. People will leave your site, if they take longer time to load a page, and search engine as well. Speedy site are far more likely to scale search rankings as compared to slow site.