Assault Rifle 556 OR BLK

Why Are AR and AK Rifles So Popular?

Many people have heard of AR-15 and AK-47 files, but aren’t sure how they differ from each other or similar guns. The two most notable differences are the country of origin and their performance. Both guns enjoy worldwide ownership and popularity with gun enthusiasts.

Assault Rifle 556 OR BLK

There are many gun enthusiasts who enjoy using assault rifles, based on their popularity in military circles. you can find a good selection at Both of these guns have a well-established history and people involved with sports shooting find them reliable. For many gun enthusiasts, proven use on the battlefield makes a major difference.

AR rifles are the best-selling rifle model in the US. Shooters who frequent ranges often like to have at least one of these guns, and it’s not uncommon for serious enthusiasts to own more than one. The AK is the most abundant gun around the world. It, along with the AR, is a top choice for militaries. Of the two, the AR is 30 percent more accurate.

The effective range of the gun makes a major difference. AKs have a range of 400 yards while ARs have a range of 600 yards. Hitting a target at the proper distance makes a major difference for people who are proud of their shooting skills. This maximum shooting range is one of the reasons why shooters who visit target shooting ranges prefer these types of guns. Both types of guns have a magazine capacity of 30 rounds.

Price is a major factor, as well as the number of manufacturers. Most AK rifles cost between $350 to $600, and over 30 manufacturers make them. The AR carries a slightly higher price of between $750 to $1,500. Because of its popularity and American design, there are over 150 manufacturers that offer this rifle.

Much of the gun ownership market includes people who own multiple guns. It’s not uncommon for serious gun enthusiasts to have different guns for different purposes. Adding an AR or AK to your collection if you don’t already have one might be a good choice. These guns have a good resale rate, making them a wise investment.